• 7 April 2021
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Can I turn on my hotspot, if there is no WiFi available?  Meaning can I access the internet via 4G and share with my devices?


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I recently received a hotspot and was told it wouldn't work but here in counce tn I have no problem streaming movies and using my laptop nor has my wife had any problems on her iPad. So that's y I am wondering y can't we get this for 50 a month instead of what we're having to do now? Plz any info would b great and really like t mobile. Richard Mcgarity

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can i buy more hotspot data?

Yes you can depending on the plan you are on.  I believe some older plans are capped are 4G speeds and you can’t get any more.  You’ll be slowed down past that and won’t be able to do much with it.

can i buy more hotspot data?

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Yes but you may want to check to see how much hot spot usage you have on your plan.