hotspot failure

  • 11 August 2020
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I bought an iPhone 8 several years ago with the 55 One Plus International service.  The salesperson told me that with this high end service my hotspot would be 4G LTE up to 50 Gbytes.  The hotspot has always worked marginally, but at least it worked.  Even after the COVID-19 lockdowns, etc. it worked OK.  But,  after about July 15, 2020 the whole service -- calls and hotspot -- collapsed.  I can be on a phone call and the call gets dropped and the phone indicates “No Service”.  Except very early in the morning, the hotspot becomes virtually useless.  I use the hotspot for my work, so it is essential that it work at least a little during business hours.  I recently had the phone checked out at an Apple outlet, and the phone works fine.  I suspect the network is now oversubscribed.  T-mobile -- what do I do now?  (I takes about 15 minutes to send a message like this, if it even can be sent).



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