How report dead spot / dead zone to T-mobile

  • 1 June 2016
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How do I report a dead spot near my home on the highway to T-mobile?  I read somewhere to fill out a Customer Service Complaint Form but can't find it.


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Greetings @petal522‌ and thanks for posting.

That's a bummer to have dead spots especially near your home. Sorry to hear this is happening, but there's a way to get this reported. You can send a message to our T-Force team via the FB or Twitter links below. They can file that Service Complaint for you. Once our filed techs get it, they'll investigate it further. Again, my apologies about this, but thank you for letting us know about this.

It appears that there is no way to report it.  Just change to Verizo it has very little dead zones. I have the same problem with T-Mobile but it’s cheaper.

There was no link 

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T-Mobile ‘used to’ have that as part of their T-Mobile app.. but removed it.

I have complained to T-Mobile over the years about coverage that T-Mobile claimed to exist - even so far as to their engineers claiming it since 2015 with the roll out of B12 (LTE 700).

Interestingly enough… T-Mobile’s ‘updated’ coverage map as of August has now finally painted all of my complaints as ‘No Service’, even though I pushed the issue through many of T-Mobile’s OEM reps who claimed that they would NEVER fix it… finally did.

BTW… after a handful of notes to Twitter - they might ‘mute your posts’.  They blocked mine a couple years back.

After years with Verizon I switched to T-Mobile because some friends said we could save and they had a promotion. While traveling I have had more dropped calls than I have had for YEARS! Very disappointing to hear they do not respond to these issues.

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@JayBird49 that’s no good. We wanna make sure your switching to us gives you better service. You should try using the steps in the link below to help resolve the dropped calls issue.

It seems I have went back into time after I switched to t-mobile. The prices were better but it does no good when you can’t use the services. I can go a mile in any direction from my home and my call drops. It’s so embarrassing when this happens.

No internet service at Pelham Train station alongetro north in New York since a few months back. Everyday I have to stop working at that location with tmobile. My verizon phone works great at that location.

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Welcome to TMobile… lots of stories like that.  This site doesn't do much for getting fixes,  need to dial 611 or FB/Twitter