How to buy a T-Mobile cellspot

  • 15 September 2014
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ok, that's helpful, here's my pic

were you actually able to go past that screen, ie going to checkout?

And then when I can add it to the cart, I click check out, and this error happens:

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I hit "Add to cart" from the accessories page, not from the product page.

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Ok.  I didn't go to the Checkout point.

I got that same message at checkout.

There's talk that some things aren't fully available until next week for some reason.  Maybe that's part of it?

I don't know.

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Or, they're having issues processing orders.  There's a banner at the top of saying they're experiencing slowness.  This could be associated?

I tried this all day yesterday too, and they didn't have that message there yesterday.  It's probably the whole iPhone6 craze causing slowness today on tmobile's site.

ok, now the router  available for purchase online, and I was able to go all the way through checkout this time.

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I'm still debating if I want to go into store to get the 4G repeater ordered for me or if I can find another way to do it.  I don't want to add any stress to any of the employees dealing with any of the iPhone business.

(although, someone going in and not throwing a fit that they don't have their iPhone might be refreshing to them.  Maybe I'll bring them cookies... Publix IS next door.. :D)

Buying one of these is proving to be a chore. I went into the store, they can't sell them until next Wednesday but a call to customer service and they should be able to hook me right up. Fine, I call 611. We can't sell you one because you're pre-paid, but we'll forward you to sales and they'll hook you up with one. Fine; sales has no idea what I'm talking about. I say cell-spot and they try to sell me a hot-spot. I make it clear that I am trying to buy the Wi-Fi CellSpot router. Apparently t-mobile's own sales force does not know what this is. (Un-Carrier 7.0 anyone?) I'm put on hold for a protracted amount of time while she attempts to decipher my request. I get fed up and hang-up. I'll just order it off of the web site. It has now disappeared from T-Mobile's site. Clicking on it takes you to the accessories page where it is nowhere to be found. Anyone have a direct link to the page where I would be able to order it? Thanks.

You could also purchase elsewhere a wi-fi router which is comparable to what T-Mobile is selling or perhaps providing for free..  T-Mobile's  version prioritizes a T-Mobile phone based Wi-FI signal (from what I've read it pretty much represents the principal difference).  The other difference, is that the wireless protocol is 802.11ac.  This means if your cell phone has 802.11ac as well, the Cellspot (or any other so equipped wi-fi router) will directionally aim its radio beam at your cell phone.  It is a great feature built into the Cellspot, but it is also available with other routers.

Yes, I know your pain.  I was complaining about how I could find it on the site, and add it to the cart, but couldn't actually go through checkout.  Called 611/ Customer service, endless run around/ transfers to all possible dept except retentions.  Finally 2 days after I initially started the process, the website decides to work.  And now that I have successfully bought one, the site takes it off for other people.  BTW, I had multiple browsers opened, one of them had it in the cart still and it looks like I can still go through check out today with this one too (just to pour salt on your wounds)

Don't know how I can help you though.  Even the direct links seems to have redirected to the main accessory page.  And I just checked, the order is still not shipped yet, so there is the chance they may still cancel my order, lol

yeah, I think the reason we're buying it is NOT because of these so called optimizations.  I'm buying it because I want this good AC router for the price T-mobile is offerring.  Most high end routers can be configured with QOS optimization to enhance VOIP, but a comparable ASUS router is a little less than 2x this advertised price.  Please find me an ASUS AC1900 router at free or $99. thanks

Yup, exactly.

this router T-Mobile is offering worth 200+ dollars if you buy it unbranded, so why not get it for 25 dollars deposit and get them back if we decide to return the router, and even if you want to buy  still it's for 99$, have you seen any ac router for 99$?


I agree, I was of the impression JS was seeking to purchase one and was okay with paying full ticket. 

Certainly, I ordered my Cellspot and was pleased to secure one (on Wednesday, Sept 24t) absent a deposit.  I've ordered a new iPhone 6 Plus (my iPhone 5 has the famous Wi-Fi vaporware).  I'm thinking I'll give up my iPad2 when my phab-phone with Wi-FI calling arrives.

well the ipad 2 is probably turtle like especially if you updated it to IOS 7, but it depends on how much you can sell it for in case you decided to do so,

I was in the market for a new router; was going to pay full price; half is better. 😉

Mine is supposed to show up Monday. So far, all the virtual paperwork says $0.00. Might have something to do with my being with T-Mobile for 16 years. Not sure.

drnewcomb2 wrote:

Mine is supposed to show up Monday. So far, all the virtual paperwork says $0.00. Might have something to do with my being with T-Mobile for 16 years. Not sure.


Update: I got an e-mail from UPS saying that since, they hadn't actually received the package yet, they may have been a bit hasty with their delivery schedule. They'll let me know once they receive the package, when they plan to deliver it. 😕

Mine is supposed to be delivered on Friday,  but the order status still says being processed

I got a tracking number from UPS, was first told it would be delivered this Friday, then it was changed to today. Now the tracking number says "processing," and when I go to My Orders, T-Mobile claims it's been back ordered. Not sure what to think at this point. 😕

As long as my net price remains $0.00, I hardly see any justification for complaining. I just wanted folks to know why I wouldn't be posting a review real soon.

Well we don't know if they will add any charges to the coming bill? It's not clear because they said it's 25 dollars deposit plus shipping

Same here if I look on MyUPS it shows a tracking number with scheduled delivery today but there is no tracking info on it and says "shipping label generated" but no other tracking info so don't believe I will get it today.  I suspect it is similar to when I was waiting for my GS5, UPS claimed that they never got the phone in time for the last truck out of SDF (Louisville) so it wouldn't go out until the next night.  Funny considering the T-Mobile fulfillment center is in the same SDF UPS facility.