How to buy a T-Mobile cellspot

  • 15 September 2014
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drnewcomb2 wrote:

As long as my net price remains $0.00, I hardly see any justification for complaining. I just wanted folks to know why I wouldn't be posting a review real soon.

I THINK certain customers (whatever magic recipe they have for determining "certain") are getting them without a deposit.  Whether it's based on longevity, credit, number of times you jammed your pinky toe in the dark, or what, I don't know. 

I, too, have been informed my price is $0.00 and free shipping (since I didn't ask for upgraded) for a 4G Signal Booster.

Although, $99 for a router is an amazing deal.  I MAY order one (pay in full to keep, not deposit) once I get things settled around here.  I don't like giving things back (although, in the unlikely event I leave T-Mobile, there would be no need to keep a signal booster, so they'd get that back)

What's funny is after getting turned away by the store for the mysterious "serial number" issue I called 611 and then after explaining why I called was directed to tech support and had to go through a number of "reasons" why I wanted/needed one. Once he agreed to send one that is when he said he could send it "no charge" although did mention it is still the property of T-Mobile and that ground shipping was free, but did offer more expedited shipping at a cost.  I wonder if the "retail" system to sell/get deposit had a problem so while they fix that they are having tech support issue them and they aren't billing??

Hey steve you already have an ac router why another one hummm😀

Well i just checked my account and it said backordered with no information as to when it will be delivered,  I called them and they were clueless as usual

Actually I got nothing from ups no tracking number or whatever,  I was supposed to get mine this Friday,  well the tmobile rep said 2 business days delay then by the end of this week which is Friday well we'll see

Mine is only an 1750 router this is a 1900 so just a bit faster 😉  plus it is "tweaked" for wi-fi calling which not that I need it since they converted my local tower to LTE but hey it's free and it's faster.

hhummm 😠 well if you get it first let us know how it performs

Well now I have 2 tracking numbers on MyUPS calender lol,  One that shows delivery today and one with delivery tomorrow and they are both showing "order processed - ready for UPS" but with two different tracking numbers.  Now of course I didn't get the one with the "scheduled delivery date of today" and it didn't have any tracking nor does the new one that just popped in.  I think the iPhone debacle has really messed them up in Louisville lol

are you gonna get 2 routers now 😉

I also had two tracking numbers this morning but now it's back down to one.

where you got the tracking number from? did UPS contact you?

I have a my UPS account, it's free and there is a calender that will show

anything that is addressed to you.

I'm signed up for  UPS' "My Choice" that notifies me whenever someone sends something to my address. In this case it notifies me when shipping labels are generated. So, it looks like two labels were created and one was voided. Just reading the tea leaves.

I also have two tracking listed with UPS, but neither gives a deliver date. In each case, it says "preparing for shipment."

Oh ok I had it a long time ago then it got canceled for not using it,  i just signed in again but it shows nothing,  may it needs to be updated,  or there's nothing? Last night i stopped by the store and talked to the guy who ordered it for me he checked the system and said it's not backordered as my account said,  he told me they will receive 3 pieces on Wednesday, if my account keeps saying backordered I can go to the store pick up one if I am in a hurry but I will have to pay the 25 $

now i found 2 processing orders on UPS on the 22nd and 23rd

just received my router from UPS. 😊

Same here just got it, the original tracking number still on my ups still

just says label generated

I just checked my status on My T-Mobile and found that I'm backordered.

just got a update from t-mobile website,

"Order status: Shipped"

"Shipped via UPS1D"

with a tracking number that is not active yet.  Yay?

1 day shipping?

Mine still says being processed 😥

UPS is now actually predicting delivery this afternoon.

Yep got a message from tmobile and another from ups saying it will be delivered today

Same with me, last night got a confirmation that it was shipped, today a text from UPS that it's on a truck and will be delivered by 7 pm.. 😀 Does anybody know if we need to call T-Mobile to have them activate the device or set it up, or is it just plug 'n play?

I don't think it needs activation

Well i tracked the router and it's out for delivery😀