I have an iPad Pro 9.7 won't connect in Europe

i received a welcome msg fro T-Mobile upon arriving in Germany and the msg stated my data plan and speed.  Right after that I lost connection.  I checked my data was on and roaming was off.  I tried multiple times to log in, but I got a message that a text was sent to verify my account.  I don't have a phone, I have an iPad!  iPads don't get text messages, especially when I'm using wifi to try to log in!

what am I doing wrong?  Should I have roaming on?  This problong came up right after I got the iPad in April.  Customer support was supposed to check into it, but never contacted me about a resolution.  My dealer was the one who turned on my service originally, but I don't know where to go over here to resolve this.


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Yes, roaming should be on.

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Yes, roaming should be on.

It certainly would be nice if tablets had SMS apps.

‌Thanks for the info.  The "roaming" worked! Plus rebooted iPad