I'm not getting calls

This has been going on for a long time now. I don't get a lot of calls. I talk to people, they say they call me but I don't hear the phone ring. I don't even receive their voicemails. Sometimes I only get voicemails after they attempted to call me but my phone didn't ring. This is a HUGE problem. Is there anyone else having the same problem?


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Hi... Good day

I cant imagine how frustrating this must be. I want you out on this matter, Did We make any change on the accnt recently? did we try to use the sim to another device? But i need your cooperation as well. first were going to narrow down the root cause of this concern. if you have the t-mobile app installed on your device. please launch it and follow this steps.  Diagnostic Metrics 

Types of information collected

The Diagnostic Metrics may collect the following:

  • Device signal strength
  • System crashes
  • Dropped calls records
  • Battery performance
  • Application usage

Turning metrics collection on or off

You can turn metrics collection on or off from the T-Mobile app.

  1. Open the app. If you don't have it, download it now.
  2. Tap More.
  3. Tap App settings.
  4. Tap Diagnostics.
  5. Tap the Agree box to check or uncheck.
  6. Tap Next.
  7. Tap Accept or Decline for Issue Assist.
  8. Tap Accept or Decline for Personalized offers.

Im looking forward after running this on the device we can figure-out what really is causing this concern. after getting the results you may only use the t-mobile app to schedule a callback at your most convenient time. Schedule a callback from T-Mobile  

  1. From T-Mobile app Home screen, tap MORE.
  2. Tap Contact us > Call team > Schedule a Call.
  3. Confirm the number where we can reach you.
  4. Select a date and time for the call.
  5. Tap Confirm

We're not gonna abandon and just procrastinate on this matter sir T-mobile would like you to enjoy all of the features,Benefits and Service that you have in your plan.

Thank you


I downloaded the T-Mobile app but the menu with the options "Home", "Account", "Bill", Shop", and "More" at the bottom of the screen doesn't work.
When I tap on those buttons, nothing happens. Your app doesn't work correctly. I'm using a Moto G5.

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Oh no that's rough, but we wanna make sure you can use the service. Is this happening at a specific area? Do you have at least 2 bars of signal? A good place to start is using our Can't make or receive calls troubleshooting steps.

I'm having the same problem. This has been reported many times in the past. Some of my calls either go directly to voicemail or the caller says it just rings and rings. It appears to happen more with some area codes than others, and may even happen more with some specific numbers than others (I haven't been able clearly to disaggregate). I called T Mobil support and was told that they reset my voicemail settings and that should have resolved the problem. It didn't.

I am using Google Voice voicemail, but the problem also occurred when I used T Mobile's voicemail.

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Yikes, sorry you're having the same issue. Have you contacted our Care folks back after resetting the voicemail to let them know this issue is still going on? This may be something we'll need to have them create a Trouble Ticket for.

Thanks. I haven't contacted the Care folks because I had to spend an inordinate time on the phone with them for the current non-helpful intervention. Can you set up a trouble ticket for me?

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Oh, okay. I don't have account access needed to file that ticket for you. Sorry about. We do have our T-Force team that can help. They can be contacted through social media so you won't need to call. They'll handle everything via secure messages of Facebook or Twitter.

Yes.  Several of us were having the same issue about a year ago:

Calls going straight to Voice Mail

...and now I'm starting to see the same issue again.  On my second call to Tech Support even as I type.

I am having the same problem. Phone does not ring and goes straight to voicemail. Contacts comes through. It is problem in T-Mobile spam

my daughter had an emergency about 45 minutes ago, called me 3 times and my phone never rang. called my wife once, rang immediately. if you have kids you can imagine how frustrating this is.

Information seems to help correct issue.

they claim no problem seen

My wife texted me an hour ago, it still hasn’t come through. She was upstairs directly above my home office. 

They tried reprovisioning my phone in their portal, but still the issue persists randomly