In some places I can call, but have no Internet call

  • 18 May 2022
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several places I’ve found where I can make voice calls, but cannot do anything on the Internet.

Sometimes turning off wifi helps, but I feel the phone should be able to manage that one its own.

Other times even turning of wifi doesn’t help, just today I ran into this issue, my S20 FE showed 3-4 bars of 5g, but couldn’t even connect to Google’s homepage - I did make a voice call with no issues.  Software is current, battery saver off and all the other checklist items - also we are usually on wifi so use very little of our allotted bandwidth.  Same behavior happens with my wife’s and my daughters phones.  This isn’t anything new, just the first time I’ve asked anyone else.

1 reply

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Voice calls and texts have priority over data. You should use a PING test app to test if you have data, rather than a web browser, Facebook or other app.