incoming wifi call while out of country

  • 1 September 2021
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hi, i’m currently out of the u.s. but i keep my cellular data turned off, i stay on wifi and have wifi calling set up. but i don’t answer or make calls unless they’re through whatsapp. i also don’t leave the house to make sure i don’t use any type of data. but recently someone from the states called me straight and i didn’t realize it at first when i answered. i’m on my grandaunt’s plan and i want to avoid any fees adding to her bill as much as possible. will i be charged for answering the incoming call while on wifi calling with cellular data turned off? we are on the magenta 1.0 plan. 

3 replies

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T-Mobile says that if you let a call roll over to voicemail, you will be charged for one minute. Other people say this is old information and that you aren’t charged.

One thing about WiFi Calling is that it has a perverse tendency to flip into whatever mode will charge you the most. Incoming calls, which are all free on WiFi will be answered on cellular and local calls, which are 25¢/min on cellular, will go out on WiFi where they’re $3/min. The best thing would be to not allow the phone to pick by putting it in airplane mode and turning WiFi on. That is, unless you want to make a local call, in which case you do the opposite (cellular on, WiFi off)

You can go in the T-Mobile app and turn off charged roaming. Then just used VoIP to make all calls.

International WiFi calling help needed. 
I am outside the USA trying to set up WiFi calling. I’m in airplane mode, on a WiFi network , have WiFi calling selected but it doesn’t work.  I spent 6+ hours yesterday chatting with Tmobile support  but no one there resolved the problem.  When I had at&t it worked easily.  Any help would be appreciated !  I’m using an iPhone 12 




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Sometimes a WiFi connection, for any of several reasons, won’t support WiFi Calling. I was in Walmart this morning, connected to their WiFi and receiving no cellular signal. I couldn’t send a text message. Somehow, their WiFi didn’t support WiFi Calling. WiFi Calling is tricky that way. This is why i always suggest having alternative ways of making a VoIP call (e.g. Skype, Signal, Viber, FaceTime, etc)