intermittent cell signal in 78727

  • 8 June 2022
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For the last few days T-Mobile cell is unreliable to the point no calls can be made, SMS sent, or internet accessed. The signal would come and go every few minutes. This is not a phone issue because if I drive to another location it works fine.

Also, there is no way to report service outage on the t-mobile website - they tell me to call a number, seriously! I have no signal and I must call them to report I have no signal?

2 replies

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since youre able to post online you can always contact them through either Facebook or end up with a higher tier support this way anyways.

Did you ever get any help? The signal at my home became garbage a few weeks ago due to them “modernizing” the tower. Their only suggestion is to buy a new phone, even though mine is listed as fully compatible on their website. I’m not willing to do that, so for now, I either have to use “wifi calling” or drive somewhere else to get on another tower.