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  • 17 November 2014
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I have Simple Choice Plan with Stateside International Services with unlimited calling to 70+ countries and 30+ countries mobile. I have been using this service for more than 6 months and never been charged for my international calls to India. Recently (11/09) onward, I have been charged for my calls to India. I called to Support center and I was being told that the International calls I make over WiFi are charged as per international calling rates. What is the use of WiFi Calling then, if I cannot make international calls as per my plan? Why T-Mobile is not able to differentiate between WiFi calls from US and those from Outside US?





Best answer by tmo_amanda 15 January 2015, 20:44

Hey @itslokesh‌, @mcohen8‌ and others experiencing this,

Just wanted to give an official update that we have identified this as a known issue with iOS 8 and it should be squared away by March. If you're connected to WiFi for an extended period, the iPhone doesn't know where you're at (domestic or international). We want to be transparent as possible. If you're impacted, you shouldn't be financially impacted by this bug. Until resolved, we'll continue crediting the $0.20 per minute you were charged while connected to WiFi.

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  Making a call via wifi is treated as tho it is made in the U.S.  - I think the time shows as Central time.  I'll try and make note of the next wifi call when in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 10 days. 

  IF you are only going to use phone on wifi when overseas why bother with a cell phone at all?

Thanks Miket. I was only inquiring because I have the Simple Choice MWB plan an since I too will be in and out of the country and so wanted to figure out whether the "treated as within the US" is both for billing purposes as well as technically/what actually happens as well. Amen if that's correct

What is "MWB" plan?  Thought there was only one "SimpleChoice" plan.

  Anyway, as I recall, "half your usage in a given 90 day period has to be in the U.S."   I assume that would hold true on the N. American plan as well.    I have not seen any posts where people have said they were cut off by "extending" their overseas stay.  

    I actually felt a little guilty last summer when using a bunch of free data when using Google maps to navigate us around Romania last summer!

    Sure is nice to be able to use your phone almost anywhere just as you do at home.

ti @tmo_amanda

I am totally disappointed by the charges on my prepaid account for International calling with strange reasoning. This is the history/timeline of events.

1) I have a prepaid plan and whenever traveling to India, I TURN OFF ROAMING  and connect to Wi-Fi Network and make calls through "Rebtel" app to call India number and never have been charged as the calls are not going through Cellular, the calls are DEFINITELY not going through T-mobile Wi-Fi (as it'll be still an international call), but, the calls are INITIATED FROM the mobile App "REBTEL" for which I pay $10/month for unlimited India call.

2) Before leaving to India, UNFORTUNATELY, I added all my tmobile prepaid cards (got as part of some offer) added to my T-Mobile Account..

3) But, this time, on my trip between 22-May to 22-Jun, (on return) I noticed International call charges deducted from my account and on return I had $0 dollards forcing me to make a renewal. All my $180 dollars were deducted.

4) On calling T-Mobile, the strangest, wildest, stupios & outrageous reply I got is that "International calls will be charged irrespective of Wi-Fi call or Cellular Call". Luckily, I was able to talk to the same person who helped me MUCH before my India trip (in APRIL)  when I got charged for International calls on Wi-Fi even though the calls were going through the App "REBTEL".  So, the account manager (lady) was able to understand the problem but was allowed to give only $70 (50% credit) back and said she'll initiate a dispute... and later (after few days) left voice message that she could not do anything and it's considered as "International call in Wi-Fi"... but, she don't know whey even it was charged in the first place... when the call was initiated from an App "Rebtel" when connected through Wi-Fi"




It seems this is a common occurrence and therefore in my opinion T-Mobile needs to be clear on how charges are being made when it comes to WiFi calling. From my perspective, there is no difference between using the network to call internationally or using wifi because I will be charged the same. It brings me to ask the question then what is really T-Mobile's wifi calling? If I use Whatsapp calling which is free between 2 Whatsapp parties, why should I be paying for wifi calling? Shouldn't this be data usage? Well, for some reason I have been charged for my whatsapp calls as voice minutes!! This is really insane and this is the second month it happened.

Something has to be done because this is false advertising. I spoke with T-Mobile customer service the last time (last month, November 2017) about this issue and a partial refund was made. However, this month I won't be calling. I will await an answer from them to tell us or explain on this forum or on their website why they are charging Whatsapp calls as voice calls and not data. Although I wouldn't expect data charges because T-Mobile said it's Unlimited!

Let's await T-Mobile to revert......

   We don't make that many calls (20 cents/min.) when overseas. to intl. numbers.  We do make use of wifi calling when we can to receive and make calls from/to U.S. numbers.

I do have a question. Is it possible to set up an account to block ALL intl. calling?  That would, in theory, still give you your free data and text under elligible plans.   Then you could use the various "voice over data" apps that are out there w.o. fear of being charged for a regular voice call.