International Roaming Data Service Interrupted twelve days after arriving in Costa Rica.

  • 17 December 2021
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I have A $65 Unlimited Text and Data Plan in the USA. Was told that I would have Text and Data, and .25 per minute voice, while traveling in Costa Rica.  I need Google Translate and Google Maps while traveling.  People keep saying that T-Mobile provides this service through ROAMING.

In SETTINGS, under Mobile Networks - Network operators - Clario 

I have three bars.  However, no Roaming Service is available.  I am only able to use phone with Wi-Fi? 

Do I need to get a Claro or Kolbi phone, and recognize T-Mobile is not accessing the Claio Roaming Network?


2 replies

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How have you confirmed that no roaming data is available? Have you used a PING utility? Have you tried roaming partners other than Claro? Some carriers have a very poor data connection back to T-Mobile’s APN, which has the effect of slowing the connection to a crawl.

Try calling T-Mobile customer service at +1-505-998-3793. It’s free when called from your T-Mobile phone.


Same issue with Claro in dominican. I cannot tether. Mobile internet works on the phone itself. I have the high speeding roaming pass, works fine for mobile internet but devices connected to the hotspot have no internet!!!!!