International roaming -- impact of 3 different settings...

Headed to Germany, Ireland and England. T-mobile shows Simple Choice coverage in all these areas and that my LG G4 will work on those networks, but I still have some confusion. There are 3 different ways I can impact my phones ability to "roam":

  • In my profile, I can turn "Block charge international roaming" on or off
  • From my phone I can dial #766# or #763#
  • In my phone's settings->network->mobile data->Mobile Networks I can enable or disable "Data roaming".


What I want to accomplish is the following:

  • Let me use data anywhere it is included in my simple choice plan.
  • Do not let me use data when I am in an area where I would incur incremental costs / not covered by simple choice.


How do I configure this? My guess is that the following will work:

  • In my profile, turn on "Block charge international roaming"
  • #766# and #763# don't matter.
  • Enable "data roaming" in my phone's settings.

I beieve this will enable data service in countries covered by simple choice but will protect me from inccuring costs if I travel to a country not covered by Simple Choice.


Can someone tell me if ths is correct? If not, please help me understand, thanks!



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Greetings @marcaronson408 and thanks for posting. I think you have the right idea with your configuration. With the Simple Choice Plan these places are covered so you shouldn't be charged anything additional for data.

In Germany, Ireland & UK you should not incur any costs for data roaming. You will only be charged for outgoing calls that you make. The only thing that's hard to control is when people call you. Now, incoming calls are only 20¢/min, so it won't cost you much to get rid of unwanted callers. In high-cost areas I've been known to forward all incoming calls to voicemail, leaving a greeting asking people to text me and I'll call back when I'm able. Also, it can be a pain to get phone calls at 2:00 AM from people who don't know you're 8 time zones ahead.

Mike, thanks for the reply -- very helpful!

I have done some experiments and with "Block charge international roaming" turned on. Attempts to send "#766#" or "#763#" are rejected, which makes sense to me.

I just want to double check with you that "Block charge international roaming" won't block me when I am in an area that is covered by Simple Choice, such as the UK, Ireland and Germany.

drnewcomb2, thanks for the voicemail / texting suggestion -- that's a great idea!


One other thing. Only make calls back to the US via WiFi Calling. For all other outgoing calls use cellular.

drnewcomb2 wrote:

One other thing. Only make calls back to the US via WiFi Calling. For all other outgoing calls use cellular.


Update: OK -- I see that the cost for the "long distance" call back to Germany is $1.99/minute if I use WIFI calling -- quite expensive.

What is the cost when you do it on the local mobile network instead of WIFI?



ahhh... got it. no "long distance" charge when calling a number in the

same country. just the 20 cent per minute roaming charge. do i have that



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More than that. It's 20¢/min to call at least any other Simple Choice country. So, if you're in UK and call Japan, it's 20¢/min via cellular but via WiFi Calling it's $1.99/min. There have been reports that calls to non-Simple Choice countries (e.g. Morocco) when roaming abroad have some undetermined but high cost.