International roaming / India - has issues

  • 19 September 2021
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I have international  roaming available as part of plan,  but  phone won’t  connect to  internet.  I am currently  in a city  called  Coimbatore,  Tamil Nadu,  India.   The  phone connects to  a  strong  signal  from  Vodafone - India  (and  shows all bars  are up on signal anywhere in  city).   


But,  when i try to  start up chrome  browser,  it  immediately  shows  “NO  INTERNET”.    Has  been consistently  doing it  for past  few  days  that  i have been here.  The  obvious  checks  (Mobile data,  Data  roaming,  Network  operator etc)  have all been  checked.  So,  i am starting to  think  that  vodafone  india  is  throttling  or  cheating  Tmobile  on  their  end of the  deal.


If  not,  how can  tmobile  give  me  data  service  here ?  I need to get this working soon, since i  will be  india  for a while…..currently,  i am getting  by  only  on  wifi connects.

4 replies

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Problems when roaming in India are just par for the course. Do you have a PING utility on your phone? Try PINGing the numeric address “” to see what happens.

There would be no advantage to Vodafone in not connecting your data.

Call International support at +1-505-998-3793 (free from your T-Mobile phone)


After  4 weeks  in India,  this problem  remains unsolved.  Numerous calls to  tech support resulted only in apologies  and  un-diagnosed  status.  Strangely,  when i moved to a big city  (called  Bangalore), i experienced  no  issues on the first day,   same  “no data connection”  on  second  day,  and then  it started  working  fine  later part of  2nd day.  It was working  in  Delhi  during my  initial  landing.   But,  the  city  of  Coimbatore  consistently  had  “no  data connection”  for  3 weeks.   Talked to local partner, and  they  tried to connect the  phone  directly  to their   APN.   No  luck.  T-mobile  just said   “tower  issue”   and  left  it at that.    This  would be  another  blow  to  account,  since  I will have to visit  this  city  of  Coimbatore  often  in future  and  I  would require  connection  (as  a  backup).   It maybe  was bumped  upto  Engineering  (with a  trouble ticket  assigned),  but  no  call or email from them.   They  simply   overwhelmed  after  the  recent   security  breach.


What  can i do  to  get this resolved ?

I have the same stupid issue in a place called Trichy and it’s the same answer - Tower problem. It’s pathetic and I feel, TMobile has to do something. On call with Tmobile.


6  hours  phone call  and  1  month  later,  this problem  is  not yet  solved.  I  travelled  to  a  bigger  city  (Bangalore)  and  4G data  worked  there fine.  When  i  travel  back to  Coimbatore,  my  data  connection  does  not happen  (even though  signal  is  strong  and  i am  at center of city).    The  phone  i have  is a   LG  Q7+  (T mobile)   running   Android  9   software  version   Q610TA20g,   

Wonder  if  people  who have   a  Samsung  also  have this issue  in  Indian  small  towns.   Last  time i travelled to  India,  (2 years ago)  this was  not an  issue.