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  • 8 December 2017
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So what's the deal with the roaming in Iowa? I am heading there sunday for one week and am wondering what to expect?

I always check the map before I leave for a trip and was excited to see all the new LTE in Iowa. My last few trips over a year ago, I was on I wireless and mostly on 2g/4g. Non LTE.

I do not have a phone on the USC list found here:Iowa & Wisconsin LTE coverage

So is that to say that, most of the LTE is from USC?

I noticed the map does not prompt me to choose a model anymore....



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7 replies

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Hey, @magenta3466467!

Welcome to our Support Community! For starters, I hope you have a safe drive on your trip to Iowa. Yes, the LTE coverage is provided by USC as that's whom our partnership is with. Since you don't have a device on this list, you won't be able to connect to the USC network in Iowa, however, I'm curious -- what kind of device are you using right now?

Oh that's what i was afraid of. The coverage map should specify that, as it did with the extended range, prompting you to choose a model. I thougt that level of ddetail was great. I have the lg stylo and samsung galaxy grand prime.

I've also, got the sync up drive and lg g pad. I can't even begin to think what those will do in Iowa. I did not have those during my last trip. Maybe the coverage maps are being updated w/ device capability. That was a nice feature that the competitors don't have on their maps.  It would be nice in my case to see what coverage I could expect. It's just hard to believe after all these years, they still don't have Iowa covered. 

On another note, we do plan to get new phones...just holding out for more 600mhz capable devices.

update: I'm in Iowa, the lg stylo and samsung grand prime so far have been 4g lte with iowa wireless. Don't know yet if it's counting against my domestic roaming. It did not in the past.

The lg g pad is not working. no service. no manual registration. Support basically said it's up to the provider here and the hardware in the device. Roaming is the same on all lines whether a phone line or data line. oh well.


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That's fantastic feedback, @magenta3466467! I'm not sure if the device selection was removed temporarily or permanently but I will gladly pass your feedback along. I'm happy to hear that two of your devices (that aren't listed) are working on LTE!!!! 

As far as future phone purchases, these are the current devices that are compatible with the 600 MHz spectrum. I'm sure that list will be expanding in the future. 😊

thank you, Hopefully next time we go to Iowa, everything works.