iPhone XR and 11 not able to place or receive phone calls while on wifi

  • 20 May 2021
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Hello.  We recently started getting home internet on the TMobile “gateway”.  We live in the country, and LTE is not viable inside our house (metal building).  Prior to using TMobile internet, our phones worked inside, with our other internet provider, but their speed was incredibly slow.  Our internet speed is better with TMobile, but our phones (iPhone XR and 11) do not place nor receive phone calls while on WiFi.  I’ve spent probably 10 hours on customer support to try to fix this.  Has anyone else fixed this on their own?  It simply doesn’t make sense to me that the WiFi calling feature doesn’t work on our phones.  Could our “gateway” be faulty?  Should I request a new one to test?  Do you think that if we both purchased iPhone 12s (5G capable), might this fix our problem?  Thanks!

2 replies

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if LTE isnt viable while inside of your home then 5G wont really make any difference...

Your problem might not have anything to do with T-mobile and everything to do with Apple.  There are lots of iPhone users looking for help with this problem, some of them as far back as Jan 2020 and maybe older.

I upgraded from an iPhone 7+ to an iPhone 11 last week.  The old phone always worked on wifi, the new one won’t.  And I’ve taken the new phone to  T-mobile location twice to the get LTE calling to work.  The second trip I watched the person turn airplane mode on and then off.  He explained that causes the phone to go look for a cell tower connection.  It’s worked every time.  But I can go hours without looking at my phone.  Am I missing calls?