Is it yet time to discuss 5G?

I know one country's leader suggested they'd skip 4G and jump to 5G in a couple years.

Though this suggestion has failure written all over it, it may be time to start talking about 5G as future consumers of it.

Let me start with the Internet of Things. 5G is suggested to pave the road for the ultimate world of the Internet of Things, where mesh networking would become the norm and the internet of things would talk to eachother directly. Do I want to become a thing out of the many 'Internet of Things'? No man, NO.... Not until the Skynet takes over!

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how about 600mhz first?


5G is probably 2 years away from having viable products to really test and play with and maybe 3-4 from having networks launched (or so the internets tell me).

2020 is, said to be, the earliest for 5G networks to be launched, it would possibly get delayed as this is still a non-material subject of talk! there is one thing many countries worried about, as they are still in 3G, they would turn into a dumpster for the 4G devices and if 5G is coming in a few years, why waste the countries' wealth on soon-to-be-obsolete devices?

One point to be taken into consideration by the authorities designing 5G standards is what to do with 3G & 4G. Usual suspects (buyers of old technologies) are now starting to resist.

A very good possibility with 5G is though self-driving cars. I already want one 😉

At this point in time, 5G is pretty much more a concept than a reality. The carriers are really just getting 4G/LTE working the way it should. You can count the phone with current band-12 support on one hand. I think asking for 5G is a bit premature.

I take it you don't want a self driving car 😉

Aren't there self driving cars right now?

5G+WiFi (Skynet?) will be the chaffeurs of every car. Are you guys not working on a built-in master app to control one's own 'Internet of Things' already? No wonder it is the tech & comm companies working on building these cars, not the car companies 😊

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tmo_ryan wrote:

Aren't there self driving cars right now?

My car knows where the QTs are!  It's like magic as I'm driving around.  I start to get thirsty and like magic I appear at a QT! 😊

I can not confirm Skynet lest I be hunted down or not hunted down. Who would risk that?

And of course it is the tech companies that are working these sorts of things since its much more in their wheelhouse and car companies aren't looking to re-invent the wheel.

matesny wrote:

I take it you don't want a self driving car

No. I want a flying car. Where's my flying car? 😉

My vehicle is pretty stupid, just the way I like it. Although all that fancy new assisted cruise control stuff where it monitors the vehicle in front of you and helps keep a safe distance could be nice. However everyone needs to have it built in or just because your car brakes doesn't mean the tailgater behind you isn't going to come crashing in to you.

At the same time, having more widgets in the vehicle could prove to be pretty distracting considering there are many folks that haven't even mastered the basic functions of driving. True story, I've had more than one person tell me the can't back in to a parking spot and are afraid to even try. But then I also wonder if self driving cars would eliminate a lot of this but worry about what would happen if the person lost auto auto driving and how they'd react to actually needing to drive their vehicle.

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I can back into a spot (well, I could easily in my truck, and I can with my backup cam).

I CAN'T, on the other hand, parallel park.  I will drive around for HOURS looking for a spot I don't have to parallel into.

Now we are at the precipice of 2019.  Where are we on 5G NOW?