Is my phone locked into using Metro's APN or cab I change it to strictly T-mobile?

  • 4 April 2021
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I have a Galaxy J7 Star that I bought off Amazon a couple of years ago. Turns out that it was an unlocked Metro by T-Mobile phone. 

Well recently I've been having serious network issues, the symptoms of which included dropped calls, horrible lag before making a call, and more. So I googled how to fix it. 

According to this very website, by manually entering T-mobile's APN, I could get my phone off of Metro's APN, and thus resolve some of my terrible network congestion symptoms. So I did that. 

Everything seemed fine. However, I could not send or receive MMS messages. I tried tweaking the APN settings in a half dozen ways, and nothing worked. Is this phone blocked from ever sending/receiving MMS messages on anything other than Metro's APN?


1 reply

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The easiest way to set the APN, is to create a new one and set the new APN as the default.  Samsung’s Messaging app has its own settings for the texting APN.  You have to make sure that is set within Samsung Messages as well for texting to work fine.  As an easier alternative, you could download and setup Android Messages, which will also give you RCS functions.