Is T-mobile throttling hotspot data after using more than half of, but not all of my 100GB allotment?

  • 30 November 2021
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So, last year T-mobile revealed  a new, prepaid mobile internet plan:  $50 for 100GB data. I signed up and brought a Franklin T9 mobile hotspot device. For the first 6 months or so I never had issues because I wasn’t using that much data.


However, the device constantly get stucks in roaming now whenever I go past  50gbs of data, even though my plan specifies that I can use up to 100gb of hi speed. I never go past my allotted 100gb, but I suspect that T-mobile is throttling data once I go past 50gb. They won’t admit it, of course. I’m thinking of filing some sort of complaint.  

1 reply

Just signed up for the $50 home internet service they're currently advertising. No contact etc. Called Spectrum to cancel and they said this plan has a data cap!!!  Please tell

this isn't true