Is T-mobile throttling my VPN traffic?

  • 13 July 2020
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My LTE speeds are fine, my hotspot has ample data for the month, but as soon as I login to my corporate VPN (which I have to do to access internal networks), my speed drop to Kbps levels.  Here are the stats I’ve tested many times, switching back and forth multiple times:

  • Fine : Home network (AT&T Uverse), NO VPN connection = ~20-30 Mbps download speed
  • Fine : Home network (AT&T UVerse), WITH VPN connection = ~20-30 Mbps
  • Fine : T-Mobile Hotspot, NO VPN connection = ~20-30 Mbps
  • Horrible : T-Mobile Hotspot, WITH VPN connection = ~300-600 Kbps

I absolutely have to have faster VPN capability through hotspot (traveling, not always on home network). How can I fix this?

Here are my phone details and the VPN I’m using, but notice that both work fine independently, just not VPN with T-Mobile Hotspot.

Phone : LG V30, 20GB High-speed hotspot data per month

VPN : AnyConnect


I hear rumors that T-mobile throttles VPN’s to prevent getting around hotspot levels.  I’m not trying to do that, and pay for the necessary Hotspot levels needed.  How can I get my paid-for hotspot speeds while VPNing into my corporate network?

3 replies

I wonder if this may help:

Note the “APN” and “APN Protocol” settings of “” and “IPv4/IPv6”.


Try to avoid a “double VPN” scenario (I think this is what I’m reading here).  Unless you have perfect speeds, AND fantastic VPN support for your location, for BOTH, this is going to degrade things, almost-always.

If you simply use your phone as a hotspot (no VPN enabled), and use your work-VPN (laptop, tablet, whatever), do you still see the same degradation?

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It’s very possible that T-Mobile is throttling, but I have no current means to test.

I suspect that some of this is due to ‘video’ and the desire to throttle video traffic (which makes up a huge bit).  I’d have to test out my work VPN over this vs. Spectrum.