Is there a plan to restore service to Washington State, Hwy 2 near Nason Creek Rest Area?

  • 8 September 2020
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I used to have 3 bars between milepost 79 and 80… (also near Coles Corner. now I BARELY get one. I cannot seem to hold a call unless I stand at a certain place on our lot and have one leg off the ground and face north, while patting my head and rubbing my tummy…. left handed!

Now I only get 1 bar, at the most, noted as 4G.


I cannot even perform a speedtest, as it says there is no service… yet I get an occasional call and text.

1 reply

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That area is served by tower ID 176421, which is on top of a hill, 1.5 miles to the NW. You might want to call Customer Service and see if it’s down for repairs or modernization?