• 24 October 2020
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T-Mobile data signal is not useable.  Inside Boeing Everett building there is no data signal at all.  Even Speedtest app could not work.  Run speed test, it keeps spinning and comes up with error message “fails, check your internet connection”  or very low speed(0.04mbps).  While at&t data speed is 81mbps in the same building.  It happens to many other people who has T-Mobile as a carrier.  

1 reply

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AT&T and T-Mobile use different bands, which use different frequencies, which depending on what has been deployed there for T-Mobile, might be why your service inside of the building isn’t great.  Compound that with how those frequencies play with the buildings composition and what goes on inside.  That is probably why your service inside is poor.  Your device might also contribute to the poor service, especially if it is an older device.