Just switched to T-Mobile and can't dial out or receive calls.

  • 27 September 2018
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I got the phone ported over and texts come in and go out just fine, but BOTH our phones are getting a message when we try to dial out: "the service you are attempting to use has been restricted or is unavailable please contact customer care for assistance t-mobile". If people call in, they get 'By subscribers request this phone can not receive calls'. The message we get also says to contact customer service, but we have no way to call and I see no 'chat' link or anything on their web page so...

The lady that set us up said it could take 24 hours to port, but I figured that was done once the texts started coming in??

Anybody know what's going on?!?!?



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That's Mixed Service

It happens when you transfer from one company to another. Doesn't matter from who to whom etc.

Yep, just wait out 24-48 hours. That should be enough time for Tm to completely register the number on their side

Thanks for the response. We're still getting it jut about 22 hours later. The person at the Costco where we got them said that it would be 24 hours, is the upper limit actually 48?  She was kind of a 'bullshitter' if i was reading her right, so now I'm not sure what to expect...

Thanks again!

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Try calling 611, or Customer Service, then choose TROUBLESHOOTING. When I had my number ported to T-Mobile it took 1/2 hour. I only use my phone for calls. Hope that helps.

Couldn't even do that! Nothing worked...

And the reason (as I just found out at the T-Mobile Store) is because the idiot at the Costco put us on a DATA ONLY Plan. Like for a tablet.

The T-Mobile guy said as soon as we started getting texts (an hour after signing up) we were ported and WOULD HAVE had phone service.

Thanks everybody for your help!!

Were you able to reach them?

From a non-TMO phone its


No I just went into the store.

My line doesn’t receive calls neither call for 10 days and need a solution, message about line being restricted. I can’t call 611 and neither 800 as I can’t call out. I went to T-mobile store yesterday and got a support and over the phone I Reset my cell phone, but still not working. I was waiting a call back yesterday from support in my other line but nobody called me. I have this Line also to some customers so need urgently a solution for this problem. 


This still is a problem for me to. Everything on the phone seems to connect just fine but anyone calling in or out from or to this number gets the same message "The service you're trying to use has been restricted, call customer care"  after 2 full 8 hour days sitting at the T-Mobile store in my area and a full evening on the chat assistance line with Google, nothing is happening or is seemingly able to be done. I0 days into the service and I wonder if this this problem will continue or if I need to cancel T-Mobile completely. Has anybody got any new insights on this problem, I really feel like varying these comments in a peer-to-peer help forum is reasonably unhelpful as nobody in this thread seems to have fixed or resolved these issues that I can see here or has any advice. I feel a little bit like I'm putting an sos messag in a bottle and hail marying this customer support experience meanwhile hemorrhaging money out the other end for the service that nobody cares to help me attain. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Try contacting Tmobile on Facebook or Twitter...They seem to be more proficient at solving certain problems. May take a day or so before they get back to you, though. :wink:

This exact same situation happened to me yesterday evening. Still waiting for everything to be processed. Said it would take 2 hours and it's been well over that time. Tmobile rep kept asking the other rep if it was set up on a data plan. No. 


I came from Metropcs.

I will try Tmobile cust svc on FB.