Landline callers get busy signal or Number not in service or Number cannot be reached as dialed

I ported my "Landline" over to T-Mobile from OOMA. Despite the issues of getting it ported over properly, it finally did get ported over. I thought all was well and good. This number will act as my "Landline" (aka Home) phone even though it's actually just a cell phone. So we ported it into an Alcatel Flip phone which works just fine.

I thought everything was okay until people started trying to call and would get one of the following:

     Busy (sometimes a fast busy)

     The number you called cannot be reached as dialed, please check the number and dial again.

     The number you called is no longer in service.

All of these are extremely frustrating, especailly when you consider I have not been able to use this phone number effectively for going on 2 months.

I have made NUMEROUS (i.e DOZENS) of calls to 611 to get this resolved. Thing done:

     Reboot phone

     Reset Network Settings

     Swap SIM Card with other device (Problem follows the SIM Card to new device)

     Have them re-send Programming (with reboots along the way)

     Replace SIM card with a newly (brand new) SIM Card.

     Try previous steps (Multiple times)

The phone, although it's a flip phone, I can call any numbers (Landline, Mobiles, IP Phones, etc) that I have tried. Landlines, VOIP Phones, PBXs (that I have been able to try) continues to get one of the above messages. I get text messages, the data works, and I can receive Mobile calls.

After the New SIM Card, it seems like the T-Mobile Landlines (From the Store and while on with the various support under 611) can reach the impacted Mobile number.

I am in Pennsylvania and had my Sister in Colorado try (Clearly a different area code and exchange) and she got the "Number disconnected" message.

I am, truly open to any new things to try. I am currently waiting on the "Engineers" to re-send the the "Programming" over the network (Again). They tell me that it can take anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours and that they will get back to me after it's done. That's today 5/10/19 at about 5 PM. Of course they said the same thing on 5/7/19 at 6:30PM and I got nothing back (which is why I called again today.)

So any suggestions or ideas would greatly be appreciate.



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This sound like hell, I'm sorry your going through this. I'm a consultant so this would kill my buisness. Anyways I did some digging and your not the first person to have this problem, although all the complaints I could find about porting from OOMA have gone unresolved. So I called OOMA US number, and I could tell they were bs'in me. So I called the Canadian support number and the man who answered gave me a logical response. OOMA uses several different carriers and apparently this happenes allot. He got very technical, way over my head, but the short story is that the number was only half ported correctly. OOMA probably fudged the process since they are relaying the port request and basically broke the phone number. He said that if you can get them to give you the numbers original carriers info that they maybe could fix it but he didn't seam to think that will happen and suggested to just get a new number and save yourself the trouble. T-Force is are the best tho so hopefully they will  figure it out. Sry I couldn't give you a better answer


Thanks for the info. I kind of suspected it might be something with OOMA, as the porting was also a nightmare (Not all T-Mobile's fault with that though, although they did have some blame).

My WHOLE reason for porting the number  (as opposed to just getting a new one) was so that I didn't have to change all my bills, credit cards, friends, store discount cards, etc... over to a new number. At this point, it would have been easier though.

It seems to me, that the Local Number Portability ACT has been around since the late 1990s and these types of bugs should have been worked out LONG TIME ago. If this were 1998, I might be a bit less "Miffed" about the process, but it's 2019, well over 20 years since this has been in place.

I keep trying to get the highest level of support from T-Mobile to get this resolved. All they end up doing is "Re-Broadcasting" and it doesn't seem like anyone is tracking down the crux of the problem.

I'd reach out to OOMA but I have no idea what to even ask them to do. It's supposedly no longer under them. To me, there is some routing somewhere in someone's switch that is not updated. Much like Computer networking, you'd think someone could track the progress (Hops) of the call and the appropriate SS7 data and find out where the problem is.

2 months is far to long to have this issue. While they have given me "Some" account credits on my bill, it is not near enough to cover the time and aggravation I have had to deal with

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This is pretty rough, but we wanna see this get resolved for you. Filing a Trouble Ticket is the right way to go, but I'm curious if you've had our Tech team look at the ticket for updates.

@tmo_mike_c ,

Did I specifically ask the tech team to look at the ticket for Updates? No, but everytime I called, I did ask them to look at the last few notes to try and get from the level 1 support up to the higher levels of support. After several dozen calls, I got tired of restarting my phone. Resetting my network settings. explaining that I got a new SIM card replacement, explaining that I moved the SIM card from my current Flip Phone to a more modern iPhone 8 and the problem still followed the number (not the phone). Explaining that everyone that I know (outside of T-Mobile) that calls me from a Landline, VOIP, or PBX phone system gets messages indicating there is a problem. (Number not inservice, cannot complete call as dialed, etc...)

Now I was told to contact my losing carrier (OOMA) and have them check to see if there is an issue. I was skeptical, first, because I am not the technical support, yet, I am being asked to do certain technical support tasks (Having OOMA Check their logs, routing, provisioning, etc...) when really T-Mobile should reach out to them. Alas, today, I called OOMA and as I suspected, they are throwing the ball back to T-Mobile saying the account with them was cancelled when ported out. (That's the VERY short version). So I again called T-Mobile today and although I ask to get to the higher level support, they still want to try the bottom of the barrel efforts.  Finally, I got some elevated support (not sure what department. I think she said Case Work, but whatever). In the end she wanted to "Re-Broadcast" my information. Thats when I started to lose it (again). I told her that it had already been re-broadcasted multiple times and did not work and that I wanted a supervisor or next level. Finally I got Mary (I remembered her name this time). Who looked at the ticket and had it re-opened and re-escalated. In the meantime, I asked for a number for "Corporate". Long story short, she wouldn't provide it stating that the escalation process will get it up to corporate. That's when I asked that if 2 months worth of this headache and multiple escalations isn't doing it, I doubted that this escalation would do it either. Alas, I let her continue with the escalation.

Again, my instructions are to wait about another 24 hours and (hopefully) someone will reach back out to me. I ain't holdin' my breath on that one.

Anyone have contacts for T-Mobile Corporate?

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I'm glad you reached out to the other carrier but I do feel like this is something we can tackle and resolve. Getting the ticket is the right way to go, and I'd appreciate it if you keep us posted on that here. We don't have a corporate number but we do have a mailing address on our Community-2153​ page. You're welcome to use that, but I do feel like we can get answers without having to go that route.

So, my "Last" call on May 14th ended (at about 5:15 PM Eastern) with a "I will follow back up with you" after being told to give it 24 hours. Again, here it is now May 17th at 10 AM (Eastern) and I got crickets. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Of course, the problem is STILL not resolved. Hmmmm... Maybe pick up the phone and call me to try to work through another solution? Maybe a call, email or text saying they are no closer to solving the problem but are still working on it, or even a message to tell me they are dropping the issue as un-resolvable and I should change carriers. SOMETHING! Instead, I will have to go through the aggravation of calling again. Getting Tier 1, spend 30 minutes trying to get to the proper level of support and having to explain and re-explain my problem to each and every level. 

While, for the most part, I don't have too much issue with T-Mobile services particularly for the cost, I have very little favorable to say about the Customer Service (calling in, not so much in the stores). Each and every time I call is like chewing on glass. It hurts, and no matter how I try to do it, it hurts. Here's a start to improve Customer Service. If you are going to tell me you are going to call back in a particular time frame, then CALL BACK in that timeframe.

Also, at what point is the script meaningless? I get that they have a script they need to follow, however, I get tired of hearing "Let me assure you that we will resolve this" and similar phrases. I don't need to keep hearing that, I got it.... (I don't believe it but I got it). I spend more time listening to them repeat stuff that I could at least reclaim half my time on the phone.


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We, really should've followed up when we said we would. That's not the best experience, I know, but I do wanna see that this gets resolved. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account you can get some additional help with our T-Force team. They're another helpful group that I'm sure can give you an update on that ticket.

So today's call went a bit smoother than usual. Ivan seemed to be more helpful. He indicated that 3 departments were working on it (on his "First" return call). Eventually he wanted me to call Verizon (the carrier of one of the Landlines that can't reach me) and see if they can do anything. I felt this wasn't really my place, rather this should be an issue that would be between carriers to work out, however, I called anyway. In the end, the Verizon rep felt that this issue was a T-Mobile issue. Although he did try to call me from his landline, and it failed.

When Ivan called me back and asked me to reach out to Verizon, he also indicated that one of their groups stated they made a change and that it could take up to 24 hours. I told Ivan, it sounds eerily familiar to the "Re-broadcast" that had been done at least 3 times previously. I told Ivan as much, but still, I have to wait ANOTHER 24 hours.

Again, I have to ask, is there no way to trace the route and translations of these calls and see where it's hitting the roadblock? Shouldn't that be the expected course of action at this point?

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We should be able to find the road block through the engineering department after your ticket was filed. Do you have the number? I'd like to check it out and see if there were any notes left on it.

Well, after an hour and a half on the phone with support,  I was getting to the Supervisor of the "Case work" (??) group, and they were AGAIN, going to escalate it to the engineering department. Unfortunately, before I got connected to the supervisor, i got cut off. Was hoping that they would call back, but alas, no return call. Can't say I am surprised.

I was going to ask for a case number, but I never got a chance. After this last "re-broadcast" I apparently now can't get calls from the T-Mobile landlines (such as they are).

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Hmm, the re-broadcast normally fixes it quickly usually doesn't take multiple attempts. Did you get a ticket number? And have you tried reaching out to our T-Force team through our social media channels?

I was not able to get a ticket number. I got cut off before I could ask for it. Sad part is, the call lasted 1 hour, 34 minutes and 24 seconds. Maybe 5 minutes of the call was conversation. The rest of the time I was on hold (Listening to that god awful music. Maybe it wasn't that awful the first few times I have heard it, but I have heard it a LOT over the past 2 months).

I did reach out to the Online support (I guess you call it T-Force?). Last night as a matter of fact. I posted a link to this thread on my FB AND I went to T-Mobile's page. Saw they had the chat, so I gave it a shot. it was about 15 minutes after I first posted to their chat that I got a response. I am sure they are dealing with multiple customers. That was about 20:19 (Eastern) on 5/21/19. I get up early for work so at about 9:30 I went to bed waiting for a reply to the latest response to them. Well that reply came about 03:31 (eastern) on 5/22/19. With a few more replies after that. I don't do FB or other stuff outside of work, so I didn't see it until this afternoon when I got home. I was able to pickup where I left off though. (New Rep though). This one did give me a "Complaint ID" that she escalated.

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Ah shucks okay. Well, thanks for letting me know. Did our T-Force folks happen to give you that complaint ID?

They did.


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Awesome thanks. Did they mention anything else after they escalated it? Like if you'd hear back from them and when?

Yup, here is the Response: "Not being about to receive important phone calls is not the experience that T-Mobile wants for you.The next step will be to go over the details of the trouble ticket, we plan to make things right by resolving the issue with the escalated ticket. I'm happy to follow up with you here on Saturday 5-25 to go over the details. "

And my response to that: I get it.... I really do, but If you only knew how many times I have called and got the "24 Hrs" or "Within 48 Hours" and the ultimate "2-3 (business?) days". It almost feels like the brush off to keep me out of T-Mobile's Hair for a "Few more days"

While I am currently under a contract, I have serious doubts about renewal when that time comes. NOTHING has been easy about the Transfer to T-Mobile (this line now or the 5 other Mobile devices) with the possible exception of the included Netflix.

My wife, on an almost daily basis, wants me to drop T-Mobile like a rock. The reception is horrible inside buildings (where AT&T and Verizon are perfect), The customer support is painful (not that all the carriers don't have their issues, but not like this), and quite honestly, I am tired and frustrated. It shouldn't be this difficult. Am I the only one? I doubt it.

And while not a huge issue, the T-Mobile App, which is marginal at best, now won't show me my bill either. I MUST login online (through a browser) to access it. Even my son-in-law (ho also has a phone on my account) used to be able to login to his app and see the bill and more importantly, make a payment, but now he cannot. That started around the time that T-Mobile screwed up my porting initially (Whole OTHER topic. They ported the number in question and replaced my Son-in-Laws cell number with the ported number. Took about a week to get that fixed, then he cold get text and data, but couldn't make or receive any phone calls). So you can probably see why I am not happy. Sadly the story has even a longer tale if I go back to the switch to T-Mobile in the first place. Just a nightmare since day one!

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Yes, I can see why you're not happy, and I do want to see this escalation through to the end. Would you mind keeping me posted with what you hear on Saturday please?

Sure. That's if I hear something. Every time they tell me they will call me, I wait and nothing.... then I have to call them.

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Have you heard  anything from our Care team? Also, have you reached out to our T-Force through social media to see if you can get updates?

Yeah, they are sending me ANOTHER new SIM card.

Another four days waiting (maybe more. They put the order in on Saturday and I don't have it today on Tuesday although Monday was a holiday).

I am beyond frustrated. The process is Try something. Wait 2 or more days. Try something again. Wait 2 or more days. Continue trying stuff (even stuff that was already tried ....... multiple times.......) and wait more days........ Shake, and repeat!

I have been escalated so many times, I better have a big net at the bottom because if I fall now, I am going to die, that is if the altitude doesn't suffocate me first.

It's not just the fact that I don't have my phone (reliably), but people calling me are getting that my number is no longer in service. Granted, there are MANY of those calls, that I am not upset getting that message. (You know, the Hilton scams, the Politcal robo calls, the warranty renewal, etc...) but legitimate callers are getting the same.

I suppose the local news station has the "Action Team" I could reach out to. Maybe that might get it "Escalated" appropriately?

So Third SIM card. Same problem.

Does ANYONE have any ideas how to fix this?


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I am so so sorry you are still having issues with this! This is 100% a network routing issue on our side. Here on a public community forum, we are limited on what account specific information we can see. For this specific issue, I would be best if you messaged T-Force one last time with your ticket number and let them know the issue persists and that the ticket will need to be escalated.

Oh, I have been on the "Chat" with T-Force (via Facebook) and they are well aware of the ticket. All I get is apologies and statements of understanding how important this is to me.... blah blah blah.

Last ticket was escalated to Engineering on Wednesday Evening. I was told it would take 48-72 hours. I provide more updates Thursday morning that I was able to "Test' more lines again (and they failed, of course), and then a rep gave me an "Update" (after the usual platitudes) that she would reach out to me with an update on Tuesday.     WHAT??? Tuesday? So now we go from 48-72 hours to 96-120 hours.

I just want it to work. Is that too much to ask?

Then add insult to injury, I get the Text message that my bill is now available.... Oh yeah... That went over like a lead balloon. I certainly see an adjustment to that bill coming too, because I am not paying for services I cannot use. Ironically, when I mentioned that to the T-Force Rep, they "Assured me" that they are working hard and that it's not due until the 16th.... Um Yeah, I know when the bill is due. I guess they are confident this time (like every other time) that they will fix it THIS time. I however, am not!

Again, I am left a few more days to see about resolving it. Again I have provided test calls (and times and dates).

Engineering again confirmed the provisioning is correct.

Again, it still doesn't work.

It sounds like (from MY perspective) that they keep doing the same thing over and over again, because in the end the response I get is that they verified the provisioning and it will take 48 to 72 hours to confirm (presumably the latest "Push" of the provisioning).

Even when the phone is powered down, the call should, at the very least, go to voicemail (if everything is provisioned properly) but it does not. Is it a T-Mobile issue? I don't know, from what I can gather, it seems like the calls don't even make it on to the T-Mobile Network. Perhaps a "Sniffer" on a line that is known to not work and find out at which hop it's getting directed down the wrong path. Just pick a Landline (not on T-Mobile Network) and call me and get the message (Do it at will until it DOESN'T Fail). John K. from the T-Force was able to do it the other day. He knows it failed?

At this point I need to reach out to FCC and FTC since I am getting no where. I even asked to have my latest bill adjusted since it's not working and the response I got was "Once we get it resolved, we can adjust." REALLY?  When in 2021? I am not going to pay for a service I am not getting. Sorry. Or maybe that's the plan, So I drop and you no longer have to worry about it.

Each day, each return call (when they do finally get around to calling me or reaching out to me), each apology, each excuse, I get more upset.

So this was Today's response:

  • Paul, this is Sage reaching back out as promised. I just checked up on the ticket we filed, and it has been closed. Our engineers did quite a bit of research by looking for all calls from the landline numbers you've provided us with on 6/1, 6/2, and 6/3- they did not locate any calls from these numbers. This means the calls are never reaching our network at all. Due to this, they are recommending the callers reach out to their providers (CTS, XO Communications) and have them look in to why the calls are never reaching us. I know this hasn't been an experience any of us are happy with, but our engineers have determined that there is not an issue on our end. If we had anything showing the issue is on our end, we would absolutely work to resolve it, but that is not what it's looking like.

Really? I have have all the possible calllers reach out to their carriers and find out why they are getting the "Number out of service" message? I am sure all the credit card companies, my employer (Large Agency), Wife's employer, Doctors, lawyers, etc... are all going to jump on that.

This has been ANYTHING but a pleasant experience from Day 1. That should have been my first sign.

Tonight's plan... Cell Phone provider shopping.