Latest Test Drive Kit does not work

  • 26 October 2020
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Hi there,

I received a test drive kit on Oct. 22nd, 2020. I have been trying to connect and no luck. I called test drive support 3 times (with 3 different people), and all rude and not helpful. Since most of my friends are using T-Mobile. I am really want to try it out. I followed the instructions:

  1. Insert sim card
  2. Turn on and charge the battery overnight.
  3. Let the Hotspot device turn on with out connect to any phone/laptop for 24 hours so that the hotspot device can communicate with the T-Mobile tower.
  4. 24 hours later, connect my iphone 6s with WIFI Call turn on
  5. Nothing happen … call failed.
  6. Reset the Hotspot and repeat above step from number 2
  7. Still not able to make a wifi call.
  8. Connect to laptop.. nothing happen. cannot connect to internet.
  9. Login to hotspot admin console, able to see my iphone connected. But not the internet.

Any suggestion and recommendation? Also want to know how many out there is using T-Mobile?

2 replies

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I’m guessing your iPhone 6s might be too old to make use of T-Mobile’s WiFi Calling.  


No,,, according to the spec. It was supported. Also, it is not limited to the phone. According to the web site, I can use any wireless device such as laptop. Anyway, my guess is the sim card issue more than the device. The kit has another problem…. only show that 20GB is available instead of 30GB… Bottom line, T-Mobile is telling us stay away from them :p (stupid marketing guys showing T-Mobile weakness instead of her strength. )