Less than 0.5mbps data speed on 4G LTE

  • 15 September 2019
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Hi, this is my 1st time posting this forum.

I recently moved to a new place in California zip code 91731 where, in T-Mobile coverage map, I'm supposed to get "Good" coverage.

However, average download speed on 4G LTE is less than 0.5 mbps. Often see around 0.07 mbps.

It's unusable. Can't even refresh Gmail app often times.

So I called the T-Mobile customer service.

1st time they told me that it's because I have an old phone that doesn't work with 600mhz band which covers the area I live in.

Ok, so my wife and I went ahead and got ourselves two google pixel 3a phones spending about $900.

However, on the new phone the result is same.

2nd call, the representative told me and insisted that the slow data speed is because I had used more than 50gb and deprioritized. So after my billing cycle refresh 14th of September, it'll be fast again.

Even on the month I used 100gb i never experienced data speed this slow.

So I checked data speed on my wife's phone, on which she had only used about 20gb of data, so it's still prioritized.

The result is same. Couldn't even reach 0.5mbps.

I even went to T-Mobile shop close by and ask one of the clerks to test the speed on their phone, same result.

Showing the result, this time representative said that the cell tower nearby is under modernization and will be done by 09/14.

Now it's 9/15 it's still same. Very slow. Not usable.

Everything T-Mobile reps say seems excuses and BS. I know it doesn't apply to all the reps but as far as the ones I talked to. They don't try to solve my problem but just make up a reason to justify themselves.

I'm paying for 4G LTE data speed. This is not acceptable.

Can anyone here help me with this problem?

My plan is T-Mobile One Plus. Phone is Google Pixel 3A

My zip code is 91731

I went through network reset. That did nothing.

I do get fast data speed at my old place and other areas.

Or should I seriously consider changing the carrier to Verizon?


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Obviously if your phone works in some areas but not the area where you need service - pay the big bucks and switch carriers.

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It definitely sounds like some congestion in that area 😥 I just took a look at the map and there are multiple sites undergoing upgrades. One of the towers is getting 600 MHz on 9/30 and there is an entirely new 4G LTE site planned for 12/30. I know this does not help you in the interim and while we would be incredibly sad to see you go, we definitely do not want you to have to stay with a service that does not work where you need it the most.

Thank you for the reply, Chris.

I talked a t-mobile tech yesterday, and he worked on something.

It might be a little better today but not much change.

He said he's gonna call me back at 1pm today, but he never did.

"One of the towers is getting 600 MHz on 9/30"

is that for sure? Can you give me the address of the tower?

Because, like I wrote earlier, the first rep told me this area is covered by 600mhz already and that's why I bought a new phone. And the other rep told me modernization is done by 9/14.

I don't know what to believe. Why every T-Mobile rep says different things??

FYI, If i go up north like 0.25mile I can get 20mbps on both upload and download easy.

And at this place upload speed is even worse and weird.

When I test the speed, the upload speed pops up to like 20~30mbps just for a sec then drops down to 0 and goes back up around 1mbps or less.

It looks like some sort of limiter is on or something. But again I'm not de-prioritized.

I can record the screen and send a video to you if you wanted to see it.

Could you ask any senior engineer to take a look at the cell towers around?

I can give you my exact address if you need it.

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Hey there! The area already 600 MHz but we are turning it on through another tower that did not have it to increase coverage 😊 The tower that is undergoing maintenance is on the SE corner of Baldwin AVE and Lower Azusa RD, closer to Shirley.

The issue you are having where the speeds jump when you travel less than a mile is definitely congestion. The best way to alert our engineers to these specific location based issues is through a service request when calling our over the phone experts as they will be able to collect you exact information securely as we are unable to do that here on a public community forum. 

I think, in a way, you answered your own question. If you use 100 GB/mo, do you believe that you're the only customer in El Monte who does? The network is saturated. The only real solution to this problem will be if T-Mobile finally gets their hands on Sprint's 2.5 GHz spectrum.

The network is saturated even at 3am in the morning??

I only get less than 1.0mbps upload speed at 3am in the morning is because of congestion, you think?

I believe there's something wrong with signals in this area.

1. Only the network engineers know for sure and they aren't talking.

2. If it's local issue, it should change when you're on the other side of I-10.

3. I don't think the Pixel has a way to lock bands to check each band individually.

4. Upload speeds faster than download is a classic symptom of network congestion.

1. I certainly hope so.

2. It does change a lot when I'm on the other side of 10 it's this small area I live in.

3. I think you're right. I can select 3G or 4G but not specific band. At least I don't know how to.

4. Upload is even slower than donwload no matter what time of a day. Like I mentioned above, It almost looks like a limiter is on.

Anyway thanks for the responses man. Appreciate you.

shing0zilla wrote:

4. Upload is even slower than donwload no matter what time of a day. Like I mentioned above, It almost looks like a limiter is on.

Anyway thanks for the responses man. Appreciate you.

Oh. I thought you got 0.5 Mbps down and 1.0 up. I misunderstood.

I'm having this issue all over Southbay area.  I'm near LAX during the day with 0.08 mbps download speed and similar when back in Torrance.  Please advise!  I can't email/browse/etc...

Despite all the advertising hyping their network coverage etc... the truth is this is their MO; blame everything else except their own poor network.  Noone has time to waste to trouble shoot your network for you.

Ever since I've been on this network it feels like I'm on a network from 10yrs ago. feels like 2G.

Coming from a "third world" country, South Africa, the service level in the US is atrocious!  I've never had such terrible service.

Numerous times I'm left holding a brick coz I can't make a simple google search.  data speeds so slow doesn't matter where you are, its not location specific, just in general.  I use iPhone so it can't be my device.

Just fix your network!

I have to agree with this! All this talk about investment in the network is BS. My coverage and service has definitely deteriorated!! Ive worked at the same location for 4 years now and seen just how bad my service has deteriorated in the last year. My work place, my home place and my girlfriends place all only get 1 single bar of coverage that is almost impossible to use the phone for data without WiFi. And I just bought the new iPhone 11. TMO you network is becoming downright unusable!! My GF has Verizon and coverage is like night and day.

I have to agreed with Rory535. I have the same issued download speed. I recently switched to Tmo with a brand new Iphone 11 and download speed at my home and work never get above 3Mbps. I called customers service twice and they new solved the problems.reset network, tower closed to my on maintenance, go to Tmobile stores and have them check it out. I went to tow Tmobile stores and  they come up the all the excuses, same MO.  Shame to tmobile for the poor service. I get I switch back to ATT then.

You guys might try using a vpn. I will get .4mbs without vpn. Speed jumps to 8 to 10 mbs with my nord vpn on.

I am not using VPN at all. It happened on both of my lines from tmobile.

Just responding to this post cause I am suffering the same issues but only worst.  I was merged to T Mobile due  to Sprint being shut down. I confirmed i had “ ultra 5g coverage. Per t mobile coverage map the entire Los Angeles basin is covered. As such, I did the switch thinking there would be no change in phone coverage and performance,  I also sign up to their 5g home internet. Was I wrong. Here the list of problems I had have.

1 The internet tower took over a month to arrive

2 They sent me a used home internet tower and promised a replacement.

3 They signed me up to the wrong cell phone plan.

4 I called to fix the wrong cell phone plan and was promised a refund on the over charge. Was advised it would be removed from my next bill. That did not happed and had to call again on the next bill and forced a refund during that conversation and and a confirming email on the SNAFU

5 Once the Used tower was connected i could get 4-5 bars but no speed higher than 1 mbps

6 Called again spoke to IT and they created a ticket  to find out what happed, no one got back to me.

7 Took the tower to the local store had its sim card replaced, no change in speed.

8 Called customer service to advised that there no change on the tower speed and now my cell phone was getting less than i mbsp. Was given the location of one of the 3 towers that are less than a mile from me to test the internet tower/router and my phone. Still less than 1 mbps. They advised they would replace the tower and generated and 2nd work order.

9 Received the 2nd tower which was missing the power supply ethernet cable and sim card. Catabolized the 1st router for parts but the new 2nd router was broken, “HR connection Failure” 

10 T Mobile app stopped working. App would not let me sign in, confirmed user name and password , uninstalled twice. App and web site would accepted my information but transfer me to sprint web site. Spoke to sprint and they confirm I transferred to T Mobile and they could no longer help me.

11 Since I had to drive to Santa Monica from Orange County I tested my cell phone. Most speed test were only 1-4 MBPS over the entire trip and about 20 test each way.

12 Called t mobile to find  out the result of the multiple work order and there fix since  no one call me back.

        1 the App stopped working cause my user name and password were  deleted for some       reason Had to resign up to get it working

        2 They said that their system is working fine. The my 10 month old sprint phone is not compatible due to not having band 71 (5g) Advised their web site says the phone 100% compatible. (no Response to that statement) Explain the phone is only 4g lte and had download of 40-50mbps with sprint system They advised i buy a new 5g phone from them or sign up for a new contract and i could get a low end 5g  phone. Advised them that does not explain why there towers/router has the same low speed of less than 1 mbps9 (No answer)

        3 Was transferred to the home internet dept and pried and answer that they have tower covering me but that due to “congestion” on those towers my speed are reduce to be divide the service speed they have. Advised that i have tested the tower and phone and the only time the speed improve is after 2am and before 6am


Simply put T mobile decommissioned the Sprint system. That for Los Angeles and Orange county, their tower will be congested and services will be very limited. 


My solution are

1 I have cancelled the home internet and will be leaving t mobile and recommend other do so.

2 Filed a complaint with the BBB

3 Forward my situation to the local news channel and did a ride along with them to document the service. They advised they will  be reaching out to other people who are suffering the same problems. If contacted please respond



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I’ve been there/done that.  Some areas, I’ve complained for 6 years about ‘No Service’ in a 4G/5G service area where it was listed as ‘verified service’.  T-Mobile engineers stated ‘its a “challenging” area’ and “weak service”.. but its been “No Service”.  Other areas the same.  For one, I filed with BBB and FCC - it was a 5G site, with 0.5Mbps down, +5Mbps up.  T-Mobile blamed it on ‘network congestion’.  This was for a town of 400 people.   BBB will force an escalation through T-Mobiles “Office of Executive Management”, but that is usually only to buy off your service and get you to Verizon or AT&T.  It took 12 months after LTE 600/LTE 700/LTE 2100 site was ‘modernized’ (8 months after 5G deployed), and T-Mobile engineers claimed the network was ‘working as expected’, which begs the question… how is it expected to work?  The FCC written response indicated that T-Mobile was using T-1 circuits for their 5G and the network was working ‘as expected’ with T-1 circuits and congestion.  1 month after that letter, and much posting to Neville’s twitter on use of T1 for 5G, the speed went from 0.5Mbps to +300Mbps.  The engineers also stated that there was no modernization for the year 2021 … which means, someone had to eat crow somewhere.


Tell your News van to visit ‘Le Chêne restaurant in Sleepy Valley, CA’ with T-Mobile handset… a known deadzone.    Shown as 4G/5G all around, but no service.  Similarly, 28355 Sloan Canyon Rd, Castaic, CA 91384, 1 mile from I-5.  You’ll get ~1 bar Sprint 800 LTE.


Their management will typically push their disclaimer about that there is not  service guarantee.