log into T-Mobile problem

  • 14 March 2023
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I read the tmobile login loop bug and I'm not sure it covers this. Recently I updated my samsung s21 ultra to the latest rolled out update. Since then, I get an issue where when I try to access Google (through opera) over data (not sure if it also happens on wifi), I get an error trying to connect to any websites. If I swipe down I see a "log into your T-Mobile account" notification. If I click on this it opens, but it's blank. At the top of the page, there is an elipse. If I click on this, I have 2 options "use this network as is" and another I can't recall at this moment. Clicking either option doesn't change anything. If I restart my phone, sometimes 4 or 5 times, the error goes away. I don't have to do anything to prompt this error that I know of. I'm wondering if leaving and entering my home wifi makes this happen. 

 Lastly, if I go to or even the app on my phone, I can log in with no problem, but this error continues either way. My wife said she also gets this error and felt it was when she left the house and went from wifi to data. Prior to this update, I didn't have the same problem as her.

3 replies

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Are your browsers up to date?  Have you made sure that no ad blockers, script blockers, pop-up blockers, or VPN's are interfering with the site?  Firefox and Edge seem to always work for me.  I just logged in and paid my bill this morning.


I have had ad-blocker on opera since I downloaded it years ago. I will check for a browser update though. 


Huh.. I have everything turned off already. Odd...