Lost service in a room of our house where I had service before. This started after the most recent software upgrade.

  • 24 July 2020
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I have lost cell service in my office at home. This started two days ago after the most recent software upgrade to the phone. What can I do to fix this situation? I would not want to move the office and it seems ridiculous that the coverage should have changed.

I place the call - it looks like it’s going through- and then the call drops.


5 replies

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-type of phone?

-where are you? zip code and closest cross streets.

-once you step outside do you regain signal?

-is it only affecting that particular room or all rooms inside?

-what have you done troubleshooting wise on your side so far?


The phone works in the downstairs.

I restarted the Cell Spot and checked my bars of service in the office - 3 bars.

Cell Spot Power is flashing green.

zip is 98072 Woodinville-Duvall Rd


Samsung SM-A205U phone.

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my background on the cell spot is limited..but my background as a industrial mechanic tells me that light probably shouldnt be blinking.. one of the others will need to jump in on that one..but usually with most devices like that the light if anything should be solid.

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Did you restart the phone & check the APN settings are correct?




Flashing green light above 4G LTE CellSpot WAN port means good Internet connection and traffic in progress. Device is unable to reach T-Mobile network. Check your internet works on other devices. If not, contact the Internet provider.