LTE is super slow and not connecting!!!

Ever since last Thursday 03/25 the LTE signal just wouldn’t connect or is super slow. Prior to that the internet was good but since then doing basic like checking emails or sending messages would take forever or would fail due to connection issue. This issue is specifically in my office space and when I walk to different areas in my building the connectivity seems  be better. I think there is a network or tower issue that is causing the slow speeds. Is there a network issue in my area? Is it being worked on? If so is there an ETA of when it will be fixed? It’s extremely irritating to not be able to do basic functions I rely on for work and if not resolved would need to change service providers

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Well the only reason your speeds out of nowhere got really slow is that they are working with the towers or that there is some backhoul issue with some towers. Did you reported it to t mobile customer support they will tell you if there is an outage or just modernization going on

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Ah, that's shame but we wanna get this working for you. What phone are you using? Are you able to switch the connection to 4G or 3G to see if the speeds are only impacted on LTE? If this is only happening at work, the next step may be having a Service Complaint filed to have the service looked at in your area.

They have been telling me for three years that the towers are going through modernization.

I have the same issue here where I live in Southern California. Not for 3 years though! Every evening the speeds go down to less than 1mps and i get the tower upgrade story too. I haven't called lately because this is an issue in so many places out here that the phone is useless for part of every day. As soon as i get close to paying off the bogo deal I took, i'm switching. Very disappointing. Yesterday I had .01 download at a major medical facility parking lot and don't even think of using it inside.

I am using an iphone 8. I have turned off lte and the 4g works better but is inconsistent at around 2-4 mbps and sometimes the connection isn’t stable and would drop. I have called and filed complaints about the issue. It’s weird because I use to get great lte speed in office space but just recently the speed went down to where it is unusable. However I noticed a few times I thought the speed was fixed and I was connected to a better tower with more reception on my lte and was speedtesting at 15-20 mbps but then I got kicked off that network to the slower one with less bars and no lte connection. Also it is only in my office that this is happening when I step to other areas of the building the speed is fine or when I go outside my building it is also fine. It‘s specifically in my office. The weird thing is it use to be fast and now it’s not with no valid explanation or way to fix it. What I think is there are probably to cell towers near me but somehow the network keeps choosing the slower one thinking it’s closer or something...either way it’s very disappointing and I will have to switch companies if this continues.

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We certainly don't want you to switch. When was the last ticket you filed? Did you get any updates on it?

i have the same issue. signed up two iPhone SE both same location. At best we get 2mbs down and .1 upload. Called Tmobile multiple times did network reset. switched from auto to off and back to auto. restarted phone, this has been since i activated them two weeks ago..... dieing to know what is going on in 48236 and if there is an end insight??????????????????????????

T-Mobile Network is very very slow. It does not work. We have T-mobile one plan with unlimited data, text and calls but it's useless. Internet does not work. We have to find the wifi to connect to internet. After paying for 4 lines with unlimited data plan that is very important it does not work due to the T-mobile network unreliability. T-Mobile needs to fix its network problem before providing data services to customers. It's very frustrating.

  1. Well....they've done it. If this is not fixed soon…I'm switching carriers and leaving T-Mobile for good.  Absolutely ridiculous.

I'll be the first to say that I NEVER go on these support forums and vent like this, but T-Mobile has really outdone themselves.  At this point, I’m really hoping you can help me with this tmo_mike_c. Or at least point me in the right direction.

I just upgraded my phone to the new iPhone 11 (previously had an iPhone 7 Plus).  The phone itself is amazing, but I IMMEDIATELY ran into issues the moment I agreed to transfer all of my info from the old phone to the new iPhone 11.  Again...the phone is amazing.  But then I noticed really bad service issues.  My cellular bars were starting to go down and my LTE internet was slower than usual. Just out of curiosity, I ran a test through Ookla's Speed Test (exactly like @magenta8514725's test results above).  I got 1.28 Mbps Download and 14.4 Mbps Upload.  That's really bad.  Especially for a new phone.  Now, I also have advise that I have T-Mobile Amplified through my employer so it’s Unlimited Everything....calls, texts, data...etc. The only time my service would slow down is if I went over 50GB and I "could" be put on congestion (or prioritization). I'm currently at 2.6MB so that's not the case.  I called 61 on my phone and have spoken to a few reps that had me do some phone troubleshooting.  Even though I was pretty sure it wasn’t the phone. It was brand new.  Anyways, I played along and they couldn’t figure it out.  The only answer I could seem to get was that they were doing some modernization updates on a bunch of different towers, but could not explain why my phone does not work anywhere.  My home, office, friends house….etc. Then of course, they could not tell me when the modernization would be completed.  Making this EXTREMELY frustrating.  The past three (going on four) “days” have been absolutely terrible.  Just really slow service to the point where I can’t even load any of my apps on the phone. Like I said…almost like it’s being knocked down to 3g or even 2g.  I’ve also been getting really great results in the middle of the night.  Around 1-4am.  Ranges from 30 Mbps to 84 Mbps!  Sure enough, I go to sleep and wake up to the same slow issues.

I’ve spoken to 8-10 different customer care representatives; 3-4 technical support representatives; I currently have 2 “escalated” Trouble Tickets open.  And I’m not getting anywhere with this.  I’m also looking online and seeing threads like this where other customers are having the same issues.  And they’ve been going on for YEARS.  Somebody has to know what is going on...and I would like to speak with that person.  This should not be happening every time T-Mobile does modernization updates. And even if that was the case, there should be a policy in place to notify the customers that their service would be slow for a certain amount of time and then give that timeframe. T-Mobile is just repeatedly making the same mistakes over and over without having any decency to actually try to fix the issues.

Anyway, as you can see.  I’m really agitated about this problem.  I’ve had nothing but great service from T-Mobile up until this. 

tmo_mike_c, is there anything here where you can see a resolution anytime soon?  And no some sort of turn my phone off and then back on resolution.  An acutal fix, so I can go on enjoying my new phone and not getting trouble at work.  Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that?  I use this phone for internet service when I work from home.  If you have any ideas or comments, your help would be greatly appreciated.

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It's September of 2019 and this is still a problem. T-Mobile is still saying its modernization but it just seems like since the Sprint merger my internet been getting worse.

Whoa your issue sounds like what I've been dealing with too. I recently switched from Verizon to T-mobile. My new iphone 11 pro seemed to work fine for the first few days. However in the past 2 weeks i've been having connection issues. This happens most often at work for me. My reception will show 2 or more bars but my internet just stops working completely. All my iMessages fail and I can't load any webpages. I was on the phone with T-mobile for 3 hrs and they attempted to resend the signal while I was asked to restore my connection settings on the iPhone as well as power cycling it. It didn't seem to work consistently even after all the resets. My phone would get data for a few minutes and then crap out again and lose all connections despite the signal strength bar saying that there was LTE and 2-3 bars. My suspicion is that it might be faulty hardware in the iPhone as the rest of my family members have the same phone but haven't encountered the same issue either. Also I tested my theory by swapping the sim into my old iphone 7 and it seemed to work fine. I'll probably bring the phone to Apple to run some diagnostics.

I’m right there with ya. I switched about 3 months ago from ATT. Never had any issues connecting but ATT charges were ridiculous and often wrong so we switched. I get 1 bar at home and 0 bars inside places in OKC such as bars, hospitals, restaurants. NO SERVICE. I went back to the branch but they didn’t help at all. I called the servicing number and got the “working on some towers as of yesterday“...but it’s been 90 days so how is that the problem? No LTE almost anywhere (most of the time it’s 3g). I’m so frustrated. What good is a better priced plan if you can’t use it anyway? Lastly, the representative said we needed to upgrade phones because the towers were being upgraded to 600mhz or 1600mhz. I asked her how  that is possible when my wife bought a brand new iPhone 8 for $1,200 less than 2 years ago (payment plan wasn‘t even done) and you’re telling me I need to by another phone?! This makes no sense and is absolutely unacceptable. I will overtly tell everyone not to switch to this company.

I've had the same issue for the past 2 months or so. Ive been talking to so many reps and was told on 11/10 that they had engineer's modernizing/updating the towers and just today another rep told me they were done as of last month. Yet im still experiencing lagging connection. I wonder if they're pulling an ATT move. Is it me, or does anyone also experience that after talking to a rep, that speed picks up a bit..

let us know if anyone somehow gets an update on how to fix the issue.

Yeah its horrendous and can attest that their service is getting worse! Whether its too many people on their towers or whatever. The tower signals seem pathetically weak. Im 2 blocks from a cell tower on the 10th floor of an office building downtown and get barely 1 bar and walk 30 feet down the hall to where I can actually see the tower where I could hit it with a stone, and I get full bars. Thats how pathetic the signal being put out is!!!

Some of you are just experiencing extreme congestion which means that at the moment tmo doesn't have enough capacity for everyone in the area so they can just try to divide the bandwidth between everyone thu why you see speeds between 3 to 2mbps. Things should improve with the sprint and t mobile merger tmo should have more resources to manage the congestion better

I don't think we're speaking in regards to data speeds (at least I'm not), we're referring to call service. Although the speed is bad as well, the call service is something the local T-mobile shop should have made me aware of when opening the account since I cannot make a call in many places in OKC due to having 0 bars.

Between 2-3mbps? In my dreams I said Im 2 blocks away from the tower and get 0.2mbps. I do agree that its congestion as there are times I get 3 bars but thats rare. You cant even have a phone discussion!

I'm from Australia and I usually get a TMobile sim when I'm in the US but I just can't believe how bad the speed is now. No wonder they gave me unlimited data. It's like a Disneyland unlimited pass you can't use because the queues are too long.  Back home on 4G I'm used to 40 or 50 mb download speed. Here in the mornings I'm getting single digit or less and if I'm really lucky later on in the day I occasionally get 10 mb.  Next visit I'll get an another companies prepaid.

Just got my SIM card I get the 3 bars which is what I get with Verizon. But with Verizon its 4G LTE. With T-Mobile it's 4G. But the speed test says it's 3G. Speeds are horribly slow and I can't get calls through.

I've been having this same problem for several months. After many fruitless calls to support, lots of so called troubleshooting and numerous excuses about software upgrades they sent a signal booster that doesn't seem to so anything. I live and travel in an RV and often depend on cell service for Internet access. So far no joy in two different SoCal locations. I have 5 bars and phone reports LTE+ but speed test reports average of .3 Mbps downloads. Very frustrated .

You could try using a vpn to connect.

Can you explain how that might help? My experience with vpn is that it tends to slow things down.

Yes at 3 am when my speed is 30 Mbs enabling the vpn does slow me down to about 7 Mbs.

During the day when my speed is .4 Mbs enabling the vpn speeds me up to about 7 Mbs download.