LTE is super slow and not connecting!!!

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I have been having the same issue with speeds being super slow.  Now its happening on my Cell Spot as well.  I can be in the City of Shawnee Oklahoma (my home town) and have horrific speeds on LTE......but now even when I go home (have no service at home) and it switches to my cell spot the speed doesn't get much better.  I have 200mbps down and my wifi speed is awesome but the cell spot give me 49mbps in the morning but drops to 1.12mbps in the afternoon.  Its flipping crazy.  I thought the cell spot was a direct link to the backbone but guess I am wrong. 

Sorry forgot to add.......My upload speeds are twice as fast as my download speed.  Crazy

Hey. I wanted to know if the LG G7 ThinQ is suppose to have a different APN than the default?

I recently searched on the T-Mobile web site and it had an alternate one for my particular model. The APN was, my phone is a T-Mobile brand too.

I had also thought the default one (which is was causing me problems. I often have slow mobile data and when i call customer care, sometimes they don't help me in the best way. They have accents, are overseas and don't understand things at times, is there a way for me to talk to someone in the U.S?

Sometimes i don't think I'm getting 4G LTE speed too and i have unlimited data on a prepaid account. My network bars are on 4 to 5 most of the time, some representatives will tell me that exceeding 50gb will cause slow data or something but sometimes my data is slow even when my data plan has just restarted.These representatives don't go above and beyond to help and that's why i don't like talking to them. I just want to be getting the best out of my T-Mobile data. Can you help me with all this, I'd appreciate it.

My data connection for the last year is terrible. I can barely access to the internet. It’s very slow and some times there are no connection.  before, in the beginning of the month, the internets are very decent but for the last 10 months, it is so terrible all the times. I don’t know what’s going on with T-Mobile. I hope this will get fix soon. I have many friends and family are currently using T mobile and they are having the same problems. 

Here it is 09252020 and our internet and cell signals are still extremely slow and at times non existent.
When we first signed up just over two years ago we got in on the 50GB plan with unlimited 4GLTE and each of our phones have a 10GB hotspot limit, but still unlimited. Back then we had 4 and 5 bars of 4GLTE and everything was fine and we could even stream Netfilx movies.
We live out in the county Washington State and have to use a T Mobile tablet for our internet connection.
Out connection has steadily slowed over the past three months to almost zero. I’ve called and called support and get the tower story, that they are being worked on for 5G service.
We had Verizon for over 20 years and the service and speed were great, but the cost was way overboard, so we switched to T Mobile.
I hate to give up the 50GB plan, but heck if we can’t even use it I really don’t have much choice, sad too because we loved our service when we first got it.
What also is concerning is that if we have an emergency, we might not even be able to call out on our cell phones. I’m amazed that even getting to write this reply.
Last but not least, since T Mobile says it is because of the work on their towers, you would think we all would be getting some type of refund each month, because we for sure are not getting what we paid for.

Decided I would do some speed test to see if my phone was the issue in regards to really slow network connection. Drove by a really nice area, predominantly white. Found I had insanely fast speed, 80-150Mb download. So when I go into my area, which is predominantly Hispanic and low-income, I see that I can barely get 1-5Mb download. 

 I even checked a map of 5G coverage, and my area is literally a pocket that doesn't have 5G. It just makes me think that there was some sort of race or income consideration when it came to upgrading Towers. Any extremely slow speeds over here certainly demonstrate that.


This company needs to get off at the bottom and start treating a customers with respect and equality. I'm disgusted at the fact that a low-income area has low speeds. It makes me reconsider keeping this service after 15 years. I live if freaking Dallas Texas, why would a pocket of it have slow speeds...oh, it's minority heavy and low income.