LTE not connecting after WiFi (Samsung Note 8)


It’s been a few months now that my phone has been having internet issues.

At home, the WiFi cuts in and out. Everyone else has no issues with the WiFi, so I know it’s not the router, but the Internet will just stop working on my phone and I’ll need to turn off WiFi.

That would be fine and dandy since I have “unlimited” data now on Tmo, but then the LTE doesn’t kick in. It just sits there with no data. I need to turn on airplane mode then turn it off, and then hope the WiFi doesn’t try to auto connect since the Internet isn’t working with WiFi. If it turns on I need to quickly turn it off and hope it doesn’t cut off the LTE. After that, I am able to use data on my phone.

In the past I could have WiFi and the LTE/4G symbol would show at the same time. Now it’s one or the other. Why isn’t LTE connecting on its own? Why is the WiFi not working reliably?

It’s so frustrating to need to go in and out of airplane mode multiple times a day, needing to babysit the phone connections to make sure I connect to LTE.

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