LTE not working

  • 29 June 2020
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I currently own the iPhone 11 pro and I have been a customer since last summer. Lately, I have been having a lot of connection problems since March and I have called the customer service more than three times a week telling them, but they would always tell me to reset my network settings daily. I have full bars and LTE shows beside it but I cannot stream games, videos and be on social media and as of right now, it is getting pretty frustrating. If you guys can help resolve this, I would appreciate it a lot.

5 replies

I am and have been having the same problem this whole year with my service. I can't even watch a 2-3 minute video on YouTube without it having to buffer every 5-10 seconds. I have the LG Stylo 5.  Customer service told me to reset my network and the problem still exists. I'm paying $100+ per month for unlimited data only for it to run like crap. They say that my connection looks good on their side but I beg to differ. I'm a very patient person but starting to get very frustrated with the service I am paying for but clearly not recieving. 


i agree, maybe they need to update some of the towers out here 

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Hey folks!  I saw this thread and wanted to see if I can help out.. I have a silly question- 

Do y’all tend to keep your wifi switch on?  Not so much as “are you currently connected to wifi” but is the SWITCH itself set to the ON position?  I’ve noticed a trend with Apple AND Android devices as of late having difficulty handing off service to cellular when the switch is on. 

Remember the good ol’ days when we could just leave the switch on all the time and it would connect when we were near a saved network, then revert to cellular when away from a saved network?

I’ll give you an example- I had a customer last weekend who had an Android (LG G7 if I remember correctly) and his wife was using an iPhone 8, both had a habit of leaving the wifi switch on at all times.  One of the issues we were able to determine was that his Xfinity was running well below average (which was resolved by restarting the router, but I wanted to work on the T-Mobile issue before we went down THAT path!) Anyway, I walked them both through running 3 different speed tests and it was pretty much what I’d expected.

(Results from LG, iPhone numbers almost identical)

Wifi Switch ON; Connected to home wifi : 5.22 mbps

Wifi Switch ON; Disconnected from all wifi networks: 3.83 mbps

Wifi Switch OFF; Connected to T-Mobile LTE with 2-3 bars: 13.65 mbps

In the last couple of months, it accounts for about 10-15 calls per day- no exaggeration.  

If y’all have made sure the wifi switch is off and your numbers aren’t satisfactory- could you respond with your download speed and zip code? I’ll be able to look up your area and let you know what the expected coverage is for the vicinity. :)




my zip code is 87013