Missed phone interview because phone call wasn't shown or logged as missed call. How do I know when people are calling me?

This first came into my attention about two weeks ago when I was waiting for scheduled calls from possible employers. So when the interviewer was trying to call me, they heard two tones and the call went straight to voice mail.


For an initial test, I asked my brother (same family plan) and a friend (different network) to call me immediately, the calls went through fine. This seemed like an isolated case here. I was receiving calls fine for most of that week.


However, soon afterwards I was missing calls from a wide range of people at different times of the day. Some were from people in my family plan so I was also able to match their call attempts on the T-Mobile website Usage log. But my phone didn't log these calls. They were consecutive attempts and none were logged on my phone.


On my end, I've had success calling people each time I've tried. And when I ask people to call me right back, the calls are seen by me. This has been a huge issue so far.


My phone is a good condition Samsung Galaxy S4 with the same service with T-Mobile I've had for years.

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Its possible that the device didn't have service during the time of the call and when getting reconnected the call just never shown up. It happens sometimes with my farther on AT&T. That would be my guess. I would try giving your device a quick reboot and seeing if the problem persist. Also if you installed any new apps recently consider uninstalling them as they may be doing wonky things in the background that could be causing this.

I thought that might be it but it happened quite suddenly. And I have always had great signal where I live.

Another piece of information I want to add is that the S4 has had this error where it says Sim card not detected and forces me to restart my phone. Could the SIM problem be the reason? This happens abruptly but doesn't coincide with the missed calls. Even when I don't get the SIM restart error, that's when I missed all of my calls.

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Maybe the device itself is going bad? It is a very old phone after all with dated software.

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If you are getting SIM card not detected, it could very well be a bad SIM card causing this but it could also be the phone as @dragon1562 pointed out as the sim holder could be loose. Best way to check this is to try your SIM in another phone to see if this persists.

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You've got some really good suggestions here. Have you given them a shot to see if you could get this resolved? Please let us know.

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Hi there!

Just want to check in to see if this was resolved Please come back and keep us updated.

Having the same issue on my Galaxy S7. Been working fine on T-mobile for a couple of years. Then started missing calls about a week or two ago. Same behavior as @magenta4309400 describes: no missed calls shown on device, and sometimes i get calls but mostly not; sometimes get calls from my wife (who is on the same plan as I am) but many times no calls.

Have you turned off VoLTE on your phone and see if you're still missing those calls when on GSM/UMTS?

My phone doesn't appear to support VoLTE for T-Mobile. It's an unlocked phone, not a T-Mobile branded device. That said, the phone's been working for a couple of years on my T-Mobile account. This is a recent issue, started about a week or two ago.

I’m having the same issues. Just started recently where someone will call me either within my family plan or outside and according to caller goes to voice mail after two rings. However I do not hear the phone ring with the phone right next to me. Does not register in my phone log or as a missed call.

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Hey @erosen03  and @nvonjacobi

If this is not 100% off all incoming calls, we are going to want to a closer look at what is happening with these specific calls on the network. Please contact us when you have a moment with some examples of these failures so our techs can escalate this up to our engineering teams.

Hello All,

I have the same issue. Several people have reported that when they try to call me, the call gets cut after about two rings. They are under the impression that I hung up on them, while I have not actually received the call. I don't even see a missed call on my device and even the T-Mobile usage history in the website doesn't show the call. I'm using an unlocked Galaxy S7 Edge.

I'm not sure what the issue is, but in the last two weeks there were at least 5 such cases. Unless this is fixed soon, I may have to switch providers.

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We definitely do not want to lose your business  @niraj2k​. These calls are going to be something we will need to look at on the network level so please contact us when you have a moment so our tech teams can gather the necessary information. 

I have a samsung S7 and see the same issues as mentioned by @magenta4309400 above. Is there a solution to the problem?

I am having the same issues.  Several of the incoming calls go straight to voicemail.  Does not show up at all in my call logs.  After sometime a voicemail notification  shows up.  But no idea which number the call came from.  I tried resetting the network setting as suggested by the tmobile HD.  Still not resolved.  Missing a lot of calls bow and it's getting worse by the day.

And the call to the HD is always a 20 mins wait minimum.. don't know what to do now.

Galaxy S7 unlocked.

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Hey @v15ha1 

How many bars of signal does your phone show that you have when you notice that these calls are not coming in?

I haven't seen any correlation between signal strength and missed calls. I work from my home office, so the signal is usually at 1/4 of full strength all day long. The only correlation I've seen is that calls are missed when I'm connected to WiFi and come in properly when I'm on the cell network. What I need is a reliable way to COMPLETELY disable wifi calling even while connected to my wifi.


Both at my home and work, where signal strength is always ok; around 3 bars..

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@erosen03 & @v15ha1

We are going to want to gather some specific examples from you so our engineers can dig deeper into this. Please contact us when you have a moment.

Still having this issue and very frustrating.

tried contacting tmbile support couple of times.

The troubleshooting did not help.

tried resetting the network settings.

disabling wifi calling was the other suggestion.. my phone doesnt have a wifi calling setting.

not sure what to do next.

my friends are reaching me thru whatsapp voice now.

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Sorry to hear you are still having troubles with this 😥 When you spoke with our tech folks over the phone, do you recall if a service ticket was opened up for you?

Don't think so.

They asked me to see if the troubleshooting helped over time...

But looks like it didn't.

Is it possible to bring in my phone to a service centre?

I am in San Antonio.

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I don't think that taking the phone into a T-Mobile store will help with this. Since the troubleshooting did not completely relieve the issue, I would suggest that you contact us again and let the over the phone rep you speak with know. They will be able to see the notes on the account and proceed to the next step which would typically be an engineering service ticket.

I have same problem. Good singal (4 bar).

The phone didn't ring for some caller ( not show missed call as well)

I've been having the same issue with missing calls and no notifications about them.