Missing SMS/voicemail notifications when WiFi calling enabled

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Hey, @magenta2402680​, thanks for your reply!
Regarding the voicemail message waiting indicator, we do have a widespread issue right now with notification delays and failure on iOS devices. I'm glad to hear you haven't experienced this on your phone -- and it's definitely interesting that you guys are seeing a pattern with it occurring while your wife's device has WiFi calling enabled! This issue should be resolved with a future software update that's expected to be released at some point in Q3 (which we're in now, so hopefully not too long of a wait!).
The SMS issue is definitely another beast. I took a look at the threads you linked to and I can see that these may not really be viable solutions for you -- you can't configure ports on every router you come across. Looking at all the replies on the Apple Support thread, it doesn't look like this user's issue was resolved with carrier settings/provisioning; which kind of makes sense -- newer devices like their iPhone 7 or your 6S and 6S Plus should come working right out of the box with all of the correct settings necessary!
Is the issue on your wife's phone with iMessages, or SMS sent through the network? Are they just delayed while she's on WiFi/has WiFi calling enabled, or are they totally absent until she disables WiFi calling or disconnects from WiFi, and then they come flooding in? It sounds like this has been ongoing for quite some time; was it like this when you first got the device? What troubleshooting steps have you guys had a chance to walk through thus far?

Thanks for reading this far! 😊 Please let us know how you're doing.

- Marissa

Hi Amanda, yes, the phone was purchased through T-Mobile and it is on the latest version of iOS. The issue has been ongoing for some time (across multiple iOS updates). No, it is not limited to one WiFi network. Also, phone calls work fine (and the display shows T-Mobile WiFi). It's just voicemail notifications and SMS messages that do not seem to work consistently. It also works fine when WiFi calling is turned off or the device is on cellular only. It doesn't seem to be a unique problem, I've seen other posts from people with similar problems (both Android and iOS) but haven't seen a consistent resolution.

In this one the workaround was blocking the ports that WiFi calling uses on the firewall:

No MMS with WiFi enabled?

This one mentioned calling issues as well, and there's a mention of reprovisioning required on the T-Mobile side:

iPhone 7 T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling & SMS over ... |Official Apple Support Communities

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Hey, @magenta2402680!

Welcome to our Support Community! This is an odd situation you have here. I'm a proud iPhone owner and SMS' should be coming through while connected to WiFi. Is this a T-Mobile branded iPhone? Also, does this only happen on one specific WiFi network? I know you mentioned that yours is running just fine but your wife's isn't. Lastly, is your wife on the latest software version? It sounds like the device is the issue but I want to rule a few things out first.