Missing SMS/voicemail notifications when WiFi calling enabled

My wife has an iPhone 6s plus, and has noticed that when wifi calling is enabled (and T-mobile WiFi shows as the carrier) her SMS messages and voicemail notifications are unreliable. I have an iPhone 6s and have not noticed this problem. Going off wifi or turning off wifi calling resolves the issue.

I tried contacting support through the mobile app, and they told me that when WiFi calling is enabled you are not expected to get SMS messages or voicemails as you are not connected to the Tmobile network. That does not sound right and is not in line with this article: Wi-Fi Calling .

Does anyone have any suggestions on what can cause this and/or how to troubleshoot it? Or an alternate path to T-mobile support who can help investigate?



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So Wi-Fi calling/messaging is something that we support and have the ability to fix. In this specific situation, our tech support teams are going to need to open an engineering trouble ticket for you so that we can take a look at why these messages are getting stuck when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi calling. What I would recommend that you do is, have your wife connect to Wi-Fi calling and have her have a couple friends send her some text messages. Make note of the number that are texting her and the time that they sent the messages. If the messages do not come in, disable Wi-Fi calling and make note of when the messages flooded in. With this information, you can contact our tech teams who can open the engineering ticket with these examples so we can pinpoint the issue.

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I have the same problem - security SMS from the bank etc. when I am on wifi calling. I see all sorts of really complicated solutions in this thread. So my assumption is T-Mobile doesn’t support these kinds of SMS messages (personal ones come through just fine). That is so disappointing since I have terrible connectivity at home - hence the wifi calling. 

If there is a simple fix please tell me. Yes I am using native messaging app on iPhone 6 (I know it is a relic now). I have had this limitation from day 1 on this phone so the problem is not the age of the phone. 

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you get them perfectly fine while not on wifi calling (WFC)?

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Yes, Tmobile supports such SMS’s! If you cannot receive them, call Tmobile and enable short codes on tour account.