MMS problems in Pacific NorthWest?

Yesterday, and then again today haven't been receiving MMS normally. They arrive in bunches after many hours after they were first sent.

I can send MMS out from my phone and they are received.

Also can place calls just fine.

I did notice yesterday morning that my phone wouldn't use LTE but just 3G or H.

Any general MMS problem in the Pacific NorthWest?

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What phone are you using? When the issue does occur is it from one sender or multiple? If multiple do they also have T-mobile or  are they on a another network and what device are they using? Sorry for all the questions but I want to see if there is a pattern that is going on when it occurs.

The situation seems to have been fixed.

But to answer your questions anyway, I'm using a Nexus 5.

It happened to multiple senders all not on T-Mobile.

The devices/services they were using was an iPhone 6, Google Voice, and CellTrust.