Mobile wifi pin number

  • 16 April 2018
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How can I find the PIN number associated with the device.


I am from the UK and have a US device.


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4 replies

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Hey there, @magenta4668096​, and welcome! 😀 What type of phone are you using, and are you using it in the US with a T-Mobile US SIM, or in the UK? What action are you trying to complete on the phone when you see the request for a PIN?

Hi Marissa

The device is a Alcatel LINKZONE 7194 so it's a mobile WIFI device as opposed to a cell phone. What I'm trying to do is establish the PIN that it is calling for when I try to connect any device to it.

All help is appreciated.


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Gotcha! Are you using it with a T-Mobile SIM, or a UK SIM? Are you seeing the request for a PIN in a screen like the ones shown here: SIM PIN: Alcatel LINKZONE -- or is it something different? Did you ever have a PIN set for this hotspot?

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Just checking to see if you still needed help on this. Please let us know.