Motorolla 5G not receive calls

  • 23 November 2022
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My device: moto g stylus 5G (2022)

I have been having a problem with my new Tmobile phone which can't receive incoming calls from other Tmobile lines nor from other phone services. I have done a warranty exchange, changed a new SIM card, and called 611 for four times to troubleshoot over the phone. None of the steps above resolve the problem. When I call the phone that has the problem, it automatically routes to the voice message, even when I have the phone turned on and sit next to the incoming call device, it still does not receive the phone call.

I use this phone for work, and my supervisor is very angry that he can't contact me when needed because, again, it will route to the voice message and I do not receive any missed calls. What if there is an emergency and my family can't contact me?

Can you please help me with this? I am paying a lot for the service, but I am on the brink of job loss because I can't communicate with my supervisor in a timely manner because my Tmobile doesn't receive calls. I believe that the Tmobile tech experts have made lots of notes regarding this problem in my profile, but the problem has never been completely resolved.

1 reply

My wife’s phone has had the same issue.  After trying many things, we have found that if you turn off 5G capabilities it can then receive phone calls, but once 5G is turned on, then it cannot.  

We have not yet figured out how to get it to work with 5G, which we want to figure out.  But at least this has narrowed it down to how the phone is configured to the 5G network.