multiplayer connectivity

  • 12 September 2021
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I've been having problems with online multiplayer games on my Xbox and my PC. Things will run smoothly for a minute or two, then lag spike for a few seconds, sometimes disconnecting me from the game. This disconnection is happening in Apex legends on Xbox and Dota 2 on PC, but not TF2 on PC, though still getting those bad spikes. I've done ping tests and speed tests, I had 2% packet loss pinging, and 30ms ~76 Mbps down, ~4.7 Mbps up on speed test. I haven't tried using a direct Ethernet connection yet, I don't want to run the cable from the living room up the stairs to my office. I think I can move the router because it just needs power, but I'd rather keep it more centralized in my home. Is there anything I can do to deal with this issue? The router itself is 5G21-12W-A.

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