Multiple in California no connection issues data, talk text modernization lengthy hurdles

  • 16 July 2017
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I've been with Tmobile for a long time i left it once because coverage could have some improvements I gave a second chance  because I belief in Tmobile's model and saw it was doing way better. Now its been complete 4 plus years since I came back I do give  kudos  for build from top to bottom from where it began. I had issues ranging from no talk or text and no data Starting at shata county mountain areas old station, shingletown,  lassen national forest, Corning Hamilton city, magalia, twin cities,  Chowchilla, Kerman, malaga, easto, elm view,    Coalinga, kettleman city, grapevine California. I have  experience this for over two years it has not gotten better just the same. I was told by rep countless times dates and times they'll be ready up n running. I don't mind a time frame but a wrong time frame that's way over due by months time frame is extremely off  schedule . I do try to keep up time to time on blogs from sources. Eventually I would like to see on my tmobile app where it give eta cell signal upgrade, down, modernization, incongested warning real time like gps so I can avoid these freeways, highways roads, etc. I don't mind paying for it as long as I avoid them hurdles. I feel like I pay a lot for tech support at 12 a month for no forward  answers just keeping beating around the bushes.

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Most of all my home town fresno CA has been hit hard like  meteor shower from far west fresno count county  side, to east north, to Far East, south west. A major modernization is under compared to least year they had been improved from totaling of over major 7 towers covering 100 square miles. Keep in mind fresno county is more bigger then los angeles county by quite a bit.

I did notice something my uncle has Telcel America which Tmobile and Telcel has agreem a very nice agreement I have to say. The sgn has more bars then my iPhone SE he has a samsu Galaxy 3 His speeds are a bit better and load faster the apps and websites. I have a signal booster it barely  does anything. I have talk to countless Tech support 3 tickets reports after 2 tower  modernization etc. Still the same. The shocking thing for me is that when I originally started with tmobile back in 2008 when Edge 1G began in my area out in the countryside I was very satisfied with coverage months later tmobile came out with 2G I was very excited as my touch pro 2 was able to stay with the flow for 3 generations of tower upgrades! Finally fast forwarding to 2010 3G just came out the fastest speeds I have seen. I was beyond happy! Now going back to 2017 I am getting speed dial speeds I would rather deal with 3G then 4G Lte acting like speed dial. Moving forward I enjoy tmobile i am able to deal with very minimal turbulence on 4G Lte just not this bad were I actually have to drive 20 minutes to get to a wifi network connection to update my apps etc. Mind you I live in a ranch. Walls are made of rocks and lots of trees. I don't have wifi at home, nor in my car. fresno county use to get an averge speeds of top 48mbps many years ago when 4g lte almost barely came out in Fresno County 2012-13. my apologies for writing this way but my connection is so bad I can't click edit without having closing issues. So I hope I covered everything need to see what stuff is in the making under tmobile hood.

I am very  nervous only less then 1 month till  students come back! Fresno is going to get hit hard by irregular population. It's bad enough as it is. Map coverage says it's good coverage however an average I've been getting is more like poor coverage. It's only when I head north Fresno is when I see good coverage. It's nice to get free lines and data plans, however I notice if I pay a couple more dollars per line I can get better coverage on big red or blue I had family members that have them and are getting better speeds. I am not sure if some how one can op-in for  popular hours to pay a little extra money  i don't mind as long as I can watch YouTube, HBo, Netflix, etc. I love T-Mobile a lot and hope that fresno county can be more awesome! i notice even though I try to switch my hours to sleep till 3am  it's not any  different I am still getting the same for 3 days now I use to get high speeds above 3 Mbps easily. Representatives say diffrent dates this area will be ready for better coverage. my texting has gotten worse out of all things. Call quality worse too drop calls, etc.

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I can't say for all the central valley, but previous trips up in, service can be strong,  but slow.  I suspect that in parts of the central valley,  TMobile has either a microwave mesh network that needs upgrading.   kettleman city through Buttonwillow buffered streaming audio last year.

I had to file a cpuc/fcc complaint in San Simeon for similar issues.  There, TMobile upgraded equipment,  but left backhaul to T1s.

After exposure,  speed went from < 1Mbps to 300.  1 year after deployment of b71 and 6 months after 5g