my coverage is nonexistent

  • 4 July 2020
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I added a new line June 8 after being promised FAST, RELIABLE service. After two weeks of descent speed and service , om june 26th my service dropped to 0. After numerous calls and resets of my devices my service is very limited, to nonexistent on both devices. T mobile representatives now CLAIM there are no issues with my service after claiming for more than a week that the tower was down, the tower is being serviced, the tower is being upgraded and my service will be very fast etc. I am not sure which lie to believe at this point. The supervisor's are definitely more well trained know how to lie btw. Because of having to work from home and having  my doctor's appointments, he monitors my blood pressure through an app(which now doesn't connect), the situation has become unacceptable. Since T Mobile is now claiming nothing is wrong(I have screen captures showing 0 service), I am going to have to contact my assembly person and the FCC. We are being asked to stay at home and T Moblie has deactivated my tower??? I have been with t mobile for 6 years, I have always had great coverage from this location and as soon as i add a line to improve my streaming, I now get 0 streamimg, can't access apps, texting takes minutes if it works at all, calls drop.??? What exactly am I paying for??? And the lies are insulting. If the representative does t know what's going on then they should  simpy say that and not read the lies they've been trained to use. 

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I'd recommend escalation or before FCC … hit the