My LG V60 rarely gets a signal

  • 30 July 2020
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I’m new to T Mobile (was Verizon since the AirTouch days).  I live in a city outside of Atlanta and it claims that I have 5G when on the main floor, but when I go one floor down, not only can not I no longer receive texts, phone calls, or use the internet, but even when using WIFI and allow calls over WIFI, it rarely lets me send texts even, and almost never get or can make calls.  I can use the internet with my WIFI connection no problem, but it just puts me in a loop when I try to, say, send a text.  It will ask me to setup calling over wifi (which is already enabled) and neither cancel or settings does anything and it never sends over wifi.

No before you say the obvious, when I had my Samsung Note9 and Verizon, I had 4G LTE on the main floor and going downstairs only dropped me 1 star at most, yet even when it was down at zero or 1 bars, i could always send texts and send/receive calls.  I WFH and this is my office, 99% of my communications go over my own WIFI (when that function actually works which is like less than 20% of the time).  So I am getting terrible service and want to know what my options are.  The verizon 4G antennas are on the same tower with T Mobile (I use an app, plus there is only one tower within several miles of our home).  So why did a weaker 4G signal work where a stronger 5G signal strength doesn’t (and by strength I don’t mean bars, I use an app that tells me the dB levels, I monitor signal strength and speed regularly.

So far I am not impressed at all with T Mobile.  My home is the one place I needed this to work, and when they looked at the coverage map I was totally covered in 5G.  

2 replies

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From my experience, LG devices have weak modems, probably due to poor firmware development, compared to other manufacturers.  Samsung and OnePlus ranks as the two best right now in my opinion. 

Have you considered asking Custer Care for a CellSpot?  They use your internet connection to give you a band 4 cell signal. 

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1st, did you remember to set up your wifi calling correctly and choose Wifi Preferred not Cellular Preferred? Did you restart your phone after changing the settings and make sure the Wifi Preferred/Calling settings stayed? If all went well and you still can’t connect, then syaoran is right - try a CellSpot.