My voice breaks up and other party can't hear me

  • 6 April 2021
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I have a Galaxy S10e. I have replaced the SIM card and had my phone replaced under warranty. Many times a day, my voice breaks up in my home and the other party cannot hear me. I hear the other party PERFECTLY. I’ve gone to T-Mobile a few times and they have been unable to help. I have a nest router in my home and my wifi signal is great. My husband rarely calls from home but I used his phone and he had the same issue. I don’t have this problem on blue tooth or outside of the house. This happens regardless if I’m using wifi or voice.  HELP! Do I have to change carriers?

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I have the same issue. All my calls I hear things fine usually and almost all the time its who I am talking to, after a period of time they can’t hear me and it breaks in and out.  have a sprint account and they switched me to a tmobile sim card. Tmobile tower is twice as far, so of course by bad signal got even worse. Sprint can’t help me and tmobile won’t talk to me. Have you done a speed test? One of the parameters it measures is “jitter” measured in milliseconds. I’ve been told 5 ms or so is a good number. I’m seeing 300 to 400 and as high as 1802 ms. Tmobile has a wifi based booster I believe, if you have tmobile account, they should be able to send you one. I’m stuck in merger purgatory. 

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Hey there! I’d be glad to check on the coverage in your area if you like.  Reply with your zip code and tag me or send me a DM @magentatechie  and I’ll give you an idea of your expected coverage.  

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Our Audio on calls troubleshooting doc is a solid place to start for steps that can help. This could result in needing to have Trouble Ticket filed with our Tech Care if the issue continues.