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  • 29 April 2019
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I got my t mobile as a present from the us and it does not accept my local service sim card . i am required to key in the network key i really needhelp in getting the code


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Devices SIM locked to T-Mobile USA are required tobmeet an outlined set of criteria before the device is eligible to be SIM unlocked.  You can find that information here: Unlock your mobile wireless device

You might be better off taking it to a local shoo to have it unlocked or use one of theany online unlocking services. 

Not much of a gift if it's locked to T-Mobile (US). The original owner should have gotten the phone unlocked while he/she was still a T-Mobile customer.

please assist me because i currently have no phone  the flap t mobile phone

is of no use to me but id be pleased if i got an unlock code

do you have any offices in Kenya where i can seek assistance?

i have tried unlocking it with local resources but i guess am just not lucky

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Try an online unlocking service.  This forum is for T-Mobile USA.  Stores and service locations are all in the US.