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Looking for input from the community and regards to a network issues

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The network has been down or not working correctly for 3 "Tuesdays" in a row. Today nothing is working. I cannot check usage details it access information through the app or the website. After spending upwards of $2500 in the last year snd a half, I'm really starting to get irritated!

why the company keep cheating or playing a gane on peoples money.I have 5G's worser than the interenet..u can't call....the telefhones comes with the 5G...are fake ones.don't buy it!! The worst and the weakest company ever!! they need only $$$... stay away ...there is no 5G  at all...everywhere...facing signal lost..i can't wait to come home and cancel this shit

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“ i can't wait to come home and cancel this shit “


maybe It’s not tmobile, maybe a roaming issue or check your phone has everything turned on, bands, network on automatic, etc. 


remember 5g is not everywhere, if you ONLY want 5g, you will be disappointed as it will always switch back and forth from 5g to 4g while things settle and things keep upgrading. I know some people that somehow they cannot live a normal life, without that darn 5g not working as expected, in areas that are still being developed. I have even seen people miserable at their houses, about their darn phone, or tmobile or att or fck this other company too, why not, lol. just because it’s working poorly, yet they have perfect internet by wifi  at home. :weary:


I am sure this can be corrected. good luck and enjoy life :P