Network upgrade in Greater Hartford CT area

  • 24 July 2021
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Does anyone have any word on progress on upgrading T Mobile network in the Greater Hartford area?  At home (Enfield, CT), I have good cell tower signal but my work location (Bloomfield, CT) is fair at best

2 replies

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It’s a toss up.  They can’t give exact dates.  Carriers for the most part would like to upgrade at will but it isn’t always carriers being the hold up.  Neighborhood boards as well all local licensers of spectrum stall upgrades for years to decades.  I wrote a whole thread about this decades ago when I went into a board meeting for the company I work for and had a Sprint representatives to sell the idea about upgrading towers.  They in a not so nice way told him to shove it because cell towers cause cancer, and the towers would be an eye sore.  They couldn’t even tell where the Verizon tower was(It was directly above them).  Oh this was when I lived in New Haven CT.

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I should have said in my original message for any estimates or rough guesses on progress in my area.  Getting exact dates would be unrealistic I am sure and not at all expected by me.  It is just a bit irksome to hear about upgrades in the network but see little or no progress in the work area I mentioned.  I can appreciate the difficulty of getting cell tower set up in areas that residents or town governments object to having.   Sorry if my wording might have misstated my meaning