New 4g lte cellspot setup troubles

  • 20 September 2018
  • 3 replies

I received my cellspot yesterday and it was set up and ready to go by 7pm after more than two hours only green power light flashing and orange internet light staying on and it goes no further with setup. After rebooting and trying again same problem this morning. Any advice or solutions ?

3 replies

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Oh man! That it taking a very long time! I know we were seeing some provisioning delays awhile back with certain ISPs. I know it's been a few days since you posted here but has the device registered yet?

Did you reboot all the units? Reconnecting the cable modem first, then the router and lastly the CellSpot? Each unit fully started before next one plugged in. I got my CellSpot yesterday and followed the installation instructions, that does not say anything about shutting down your cable modem and router as a first step. I just plugged in the CellSpot to the router as instructed and it was sitting there with flashing power and internet LEDs and would not go any further. After 10 hours I shut everything down and rebooted from the cable modem, then the router and switch and lastly the CellSpot. It came up just fine after about 20 min. Now I got 4 bars in the whole house (3870 sqf).

I got mine set up and since every day loose internet and  you cannot reach anyone on phone ………...Sent message via facebook and get nothing but run around…………… everyday 

I cannot watch TV  as internet cuts out ………..screws up everything in my house that is on Wifi………….since I use my Echo to control items in the house ……...cannot turn things off and on……….I am getting to the point I cannot take anymore……….. they are worse that comcast and At&t