New Coverage Map: One step forward, two back.

  • 6 August 2020
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No sooner did T-Mobile take steps to correct their exaggerated coverage maps (one step forward) than they scrapped the whole thing, merged their 5G and LTE maps and took ways all the details about signal strength and domestic roaming. (Two steps back)

The customers are now worse off than before and even more dependent on 3rd party maps, like CellMapper and RootMetrics.

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I suspect the couple bits in particular that make this map worse off…

  1. No more ‘fine grained’ view of excellent/good/fair service or ‘4G LTE verified’, but you have to hit a location to find out what kind of coverage you actually have (much of it probably being branded ‘fair’ coverage.
  2. Flipping the ‘no service’ color from white to black doesn’t give the same sort of sharp contrast, especially when directly adjacent to a more like maroon color of 4G or ‘partner’ service.
  3. Newer ‘OpenstreetMap’ is much slower at all levels to update / refresh on zoom or scroll.