New GS20 switched to tmobile--upload speed

  • 11 January 2022
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So I just got this phone, and the 5G im trying to measure how good it actually is. I didn’t really see much of anything just around 16-40 MBPS download. To make matters worse, I’m very confused to see the upload speed is 1mbps and lower. I think something must be wrong, as I’ve never had that on any other service/phone, and when i use wifi i dont have that issue at all with this new phone. You can see below, and I tried multiple times consistently at 1mbps and lower for the upload speed.



1 reply

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tower could be getting upgraded..tower near by could be getting upgraded..could be a tower down..kind of a big list of possibilities..if you switch away from 5G how are your speeds down and up?


the packet loss alone says quite a bit.


just did a random test in my work place which is surrounded by metal, wiring and brick walls with a tower that is about a quarter mile from me and i pulled in 81.8 down, 21.6 up. 21ms ping, 7ms jitter and zero packet loss.