no 4G on my samsung galaxy s3 sgh-t999!

I have a problem with my 4G on my tmobile s3 phone. It cant connect to 4G at all, anywhere in madison, wi and is always on the edge network. It will connect to 4G when I go to milwaukee, wi though.

I have swapped my sim card in a friends phone and was able to get on 4G LTE, on a note 3. I was thinking that maybe it works on 4G LTE and not 4G?

I went to the tmobile store and upgraded my sim card and still nothing. They told me to call customer service, transfered to technical support, escalated to engineering, and was told to wait 72 hours. Its been a week and I havent heard nothing.

It cant be my sim card because I upgraded it and I tested it out on a note 3 with 4G LTE. It cant be my phone because I get 4G in a different city. So Im guessing its with the 4G bands itself, the hspa+ networks in madison, wi?

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Are you getting 4G & 4G LTE signals with another Galaxy S3 using YOUR SIM?

If so, it can not be the network signal in Madison.

It is sort of odd but do you have the same result if you turn off Location Services completely?

Coverage Maps show pretty good Band 4 signal all around Madison Area.

Have you tried booting into Safe Mode?

Unfortunately I dont have another s3 to test it out with. I have tried turning on airplane mode and back on still same thing. Booting into safe mode same thing, also I have wiped the cache and did a factory reset, same thing.

Any other troubleshooting would be appreciated, thanks for the info.

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The S3 only gets band 4 on LTE, while the note 3 gets both band 4 and band 2. The S3 should still get 3G/4G on bands 2 and 4, however.

I once tried manual network selection on my S3, and I could not LTE back. I had to reflash the firmware with Odin to restore LTE connectivity (a factory reset did not work). So perhaps something is amiss with the phone. I seriously doubt that your S3 is still under warranty, so your pretty much on your own with this one.

SGH-T999 is 4G only. It does not have any LTE Support. SGH-T999L is the one with LTE Support. Seeing another phone getting 4G LTE with your SIM becomes irrelevant at this point.

Usually the trail of troubleshooting suggestions end with the failed master reset. I was hoping it to be a result of misbehaved app or bad cached data but unfortunately you've had no luck there.

@e2k‌ has a good offer here. Try reflashing the stock rom using odin as he suggested. But wait until you hear from T-Mobile Support, make sure you are on the same page that you are having an issue with the 4G signal, not 4G LTE. If you have a case # or reference number, contact T-Force now and ask about your case.

I reflashed the rom still nothing, called technical support escalated to engineering was told to wait 72 hours still nothing. I guess Im out of luck, seems like tmobile cant help me.

Also a Madison, WI resident here. I've been having issues with getting 4G since the end of last month (around April 25th or so). I had thought that maybe I'd just gone over my 4G data limit, but when I paid my bill this month, the problem is still persisting. I've contacting customer service, who had me do a bunch of stuff in my settings with airplane mode, checking the network I'm on etc. Nothing worked and they suggested a reset of my phone, which did nothing. I went to the T-Mobile store in the mall nearby. They looked at my phone, said the settings and everything were correct, and attempted to give me a new SIM card. After seeing that this also didn't work, they then informed me that T-Mobile has been "upgrading their system and towers" and people all across the country have been having issues, and that even their own systems on the computer were down for a few hours that day. She said to give it a couple more days, which would be today, and I am still seeing 2G only speeds. I'm not really expecting any more help when I call them today, most likely just another run around. I'm pretty disappointed since I've had T-Mobile for about 2 years now and this is the first issue I've ever had with them. More than anything I'm annoyed that I'm paying for something I'm not actually getting.

By the way, I have a Nokia Lumia 521, and I've been all around town with no difference in service.

Anyway, you certainly aren't the only one who has this issue right now, and I'm really hoping it will be fixed soon.

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I wonder if they've done more HSPA shutdown on AWS (like this old article - Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston among major T-Mobile markets having their AWS 3G/4G networks shut down this summer - Tm…)

smplyunprdctble wrote:

I wonder if they've done more HSPA shutdown on AWS (like this old article - Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston among major T-Mobile markets having their AWS 3G/4G networks shut down this summer - Tm…)

Thanks for sharing that information, you're probably right on that. I didn't receive any notifications, free upgrades, or discounts though.

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Hey just dropping in to say that I agree that this phone should still get a 3G/4G connection in Madison. All the towers around this area are showing that they're working properly. If this is continuing, we'd need to check that ticket to see what the status is with your particular connection.

Here is the ticket number 16428975. Maybe you can do something about this? After 2 calls to technical support which basically told me the same thing, I dont want to waste my time going in circles anymore.

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This could be something stemming from the phone. Since it's working with a different phone, and you've already changed the SIM card, the S3 looks to be the culprit. I don't see anything network related going on that would cause this.

I'm encountering a very similar issue with my iPhone 5S in the Madison area.  I am not receiving most phone calls when LTE is turned on, and my 4G (non-LTE) service is much worse than it was previously.  I have four iPhone 5S phones on my account and they are all affected in the same way.  Turning off LTE drops my service down to Edge in most situations, but at least I get most of my phone calls.

I stopped by the T-Mobile store at West Towne Mall and they suggested it probably wasn't an issue with my phone as they've had many reports of similar issues and are working with their district manager to get the issue escalated.  It's been happening for the last month or so, and I've put in a few tickets and most of them were closed saying there was nothing wrong and my coverage is probably spotty wherever I am.  That said, it used to work, and I don't have any of these issues when traveling outside of the Madison area.

Like I said, its not the phone. It works in MKE no problem, just not MSN. There are quite a few people having similiar issues with 3G/4G. Im just assuming that either tmobile is shutting down 3G/4G or something is wrong with the 3G/4G.

I hate to say it, but I guess either move to an area with 3G/4G coverage or buy a new phone guys. I recently bought the tmobile samsung galaxy j7 and it works great on 4G LTE.

The folks at the West Towne T-Mobile store seemed to suggest people were having issues regardless of which phone they had.

Either way, having submitted a few tickets over the last month with no result other continued issues, I will be switching to Verizon.  I'll miss T-Mobile's international roaming rates, but I won't miss much else.  I can't continue to wonder if I'm missing phone calls from people who didn't leave voicemail.